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Originally Posted by The Final Frontier View Post
I think he used inferior like organs that worked like the SM organs other then the black carparse. From a secondary heart, reinforced bones, Muscle growth, can enter hibernation for a time, learn by eating etc. I just can't grasp how humans can basically have the same organs as SM just in a far less efficient form. If they add this? Why in the hell is this not standard for all IG? Can't be that expensive compared to making warships that are hive cities with massive guns.

They can't be the same as the Astartes organs, those require gene-seed and the full implantation process. With Space Marines it's all or nothing.

That said there are still plenty of other augmentations available to members of the Imperium, one thing Imperial science is pretty good at bio tech. So you have enhancing drug cocktails, juvant treatments, bionics, chemical manipulation etc. I could see implanted organs, mechanical or organic, being among these augmentations. They wouldn't however be the same as the Astarte's version, nor work as well.

As to why its not stand its because of scale and logistics. There are billions, perhaps trillions of gaurdsmen. It's simply not possible to augment them all, or even a significant percentage. Remember the guard are recruited from a variety of techbases and the only standard piece of equipment is the lasgun. There would only be a limited number of worlds in the imperium capable of augmenting soldiers like this and its just not practical to ship eery regiment you raise across the galaxy to get augmented. It's more cost effective for the Imperium to raise x-billion soldiers and hurl them into the meat grinder.

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