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I do like a boardgame, and collect them when I can. Especially old 80's GW games like Talisman, Warlock of Firetop Mountain and the like, however, I do like other offerings from other companies especially if they offer nice minis too.
On holiday in Scarborough last week I was scouting out a decent Zombie based boardgame I could play with my daughter, and after taking a bit of advice from various sources in the Town, I decided to splash out on a copy of Zombicide by Guillotine Games.
What a cracking game. :biggrin:
I've played a few missions now, and am really impressed with how slick and simple it is, how awesome the miniatures are, and how much fun it is to play.
Is there much love for this on here, I've spotted a handful of threads, but does anyone play it regularly? I've played solo, and with the kids, and I'm intending to take it along to the local Games club on wednesday to see if I can generate some interest locally too.

BTW, if you are visiting Scarborough in the near future, not only do they do fantastic Italian Ice cream on the Sea front, you can get a gaming fix from the chaps at Space Myth and Magic. Whilst there is GW stuff, as an independent, they have plenty of other systems, especially Malifaux and Warmachine. They pointed me in the direction of Zombiecide, and for that, I thank them. However, I picked up my copy of Zombiecide from ToyToyJac a little independent boardgame shop in the Vaults around the corner. They had all sorts in there in a cosy little underground store with a very friendly and knowledgeable owner who confirmed what I had been told about Zombicide and gave me an extra 5% discount ontop of the £15 I was saving from the list price too for no reason, I then bought a copy of BossMonster for my son on the strength of that! :good:
(I am not affiliated with either store in anyway BTW, just very impressed with their customer focussed attitude)
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