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This is just a first draft of this, I haven't completed it yet, latter on you can find more survivors and can chose to take them with you or not, this is for 1 player to be the zombies, 1 or more players to be survivors. you can change the names of the survivors and may change the backstory of them, I got inspiration for this campaign from left 4 dead, and other zombie type games form other people. if there is anything that doesn't seem right or doesn't make complete sense then just leave a message and ill explain it better. note: each survivor can only carry one bomb, one healing item, one secondary item, 2 armor (may only wear one but can keep another as a back up), 2 guns (one pistol, dual-wield counts as one, and one other gun), and one weapon.

RPG zombie game:


Kain (army officer): After the virus struck he was with one of the squads sent out to search for survivors, when the helicopters engine failed. after regaining conciousness from the crash he realised that he was the only survivour, checing around he finds only his pistols are salvageable and still have ammo, the radio is busted but he takes it with him incase he can get it working again, he hefts his supply back and starts making his way to one of the safe zones. stats: ws-3,bs-4,s-4,t-4,w-13,i-3,a-1,ld-10, sv-5+. special rules: magnum trained (may dual-wield magnums) Weapons: dual-magnums, 10 clips (magnum), helicopter shard (improvised hand weapon), Healing item: med-pack Bomb: non, Secondary: pills Armour: kevlar vest

Dorn (ex-gang member): After the virus struck he was the only one of his gang to be immune to the disease and got away before they turned on him. he wanders the city with his shotgun, and axe, finding and stealing wherever he can. But supplies are running out in the city so now hes trying to find one of the safe zones hes heard about. stats: ws-4, bs-3, s-4, t-3(4), w-15, i-3, a-2, ld-10, sv-6+. special rules: loner (Dorn dosnt work well in a group, but realises that may be his only chance of finding safty, ), hardened (Dorn's seen much over his years in the gang that it takes alot to disturb him. fearless), strong (Dorn is able to wield weapons easier than most, dorn ignores the unwieldy rule). Armour: hard-leather clothes, Weapons: shotgun, axe, 5 shell-boxes, Healing: med-pack Bomb: non. Extra: adrenliene. Special: Bike, 4 cans of fuel.

Armondo (gun shop owner): After the virus struck he and his bodyguard (ramule) hid out in his shop, locked and boarded the place up, eventually Armondo got drunk and made too much noise and attacted a horde of zombies, now he is fighting them off and hoping help comes soon, as there is no end to the zombies on his front porch. he is a dead eye with all guns, but stuggles to fight close quaters. stats: ws-2, bs-4, s-3, t-3, w-10, i-2, a-1, ld-8, sv- special rules: deadeye (armondo can shoot a zombies head off from 500 yards. twin linked + fleshbane with all guns), squemish (armondo is not vey reliable in a bad situation, (when a zombie charges armondo he flees d6" away, and may not overwatch, if after fleeing the zombies still in charge range the zombie gets the charge, this dosnt work with special charges e.g hunter/charger) Weapons: sniper rifle, pistol, knife (weapon), 6 clips (rifle), 5 clips (pistol). Armour: clothes. Healing: med-pack. Bomb: non. Extra: non.

Lilly: (ex-battlefield medic/engineer): After the virus struck she joined up with a survior group, but it turned out one of the group wasnt immune and concealed a bite, she found out, took an RV with supplies and left, when she ran out of gas she settled up in an abandond school and made it into a fortress. Stats: ws-3, bs-3, s-4, t-4, w-12, i3, a-1, ld-9, sv-6+. special rules: medic (she knows how to patch up a wound, when healing witha med-kit she restors d6+2 wounds). engineer (she knows how to set up defenses and fix machines, when setting up defenses she may set up d3+1, and may repair on a 5+ instead of a 6). Weapons: silenced sub-machine gun, cleaver (hand weapon), 10 clips (sub-machine gun). Armour: clothes. Healing: med-kit. Bomb: non. Extra: pills.

Zombie types: (all have move through cover, all have climbing (can climb a floor without using ladders/stairs).

Zombie: stats: ws-2,s-3,t-3,w-1,i-2,a-1,ld-5, rules: half rotten (move highest of 2d6", in direction of scatter dice (if a hits rolled the zombie stays still, and will stop at board edges or impassible terrain), if a survivor moves within 12" of the model, then it will move towards it (if 2 survivors are within 12" move towards closest), or a weapon with noisey is fired within 18"), feel no pain, fearless. gear: rags, rotten nails (hand weapons).

Boomer: stats: ws-2,bs-1,s-3,t-3,w-1,i-2,a-1,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, explosive (when killed a bile attack using a large blast is on the boomer) gear: rags, rotten nails, bile vomit (ranged attack with: range=flamer, s-1, ap--, special = all zombies witin 24" are attacted to the target for 1 turn).

Charger: stats: ws-3,s-4,t-4, w-3,i-2,a-2,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, take down (when within 8" may make a special charge, move forward 12" towards survivors and 'pick up' first one it comes into contact with, this model is caried to the end and suffers a charge from the charger, all othes are nocked prone out of the way and suffer a s-5, ap-6 hit), hammer of wrath, pummel (if a charger charges a model by take down, then it will pummel the target, instead of attcking normaly the survivor takes d6 s-5, ap-5 hits every turn, and may not attack), gear: rags, hammer arm (power fist).

Smoker: stats: ws-2,bs-3,s-3,t-3,w-2,i-2,a-1,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, smokey (when killed the area within 6" of it is 'smoked' and all ranged weapons shooting through it must be shot at half range, and grants a 5+ cover save to anyone in, or behind it, gear: rags, rotten nails, tounge launch (a ranged attack with: r=18", s-1, ap-5, special= model is moved d6 inches closer to smoker that shot it, while tounging a survivor a smoker may do anything else nor may the survivor, if the survivor is brought into contact with the smoker the smoker counts as charging and may attack, but the survivor may not, the shot may be stopped by either killing the smoker the cutting the tounge by targeting the area between the survivor and the smoker in a straight line with the profile: t-3,w-1).

Spitter: stats: ws-2,bs-3,s-3,t-3,w-2,i-2,a-1,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, acid explosion (when killed: r=blast, s-2, ap-4, special= lasts 1 turn), gear: rags, rotten nails, acid spit (ranged attack: r=18", s-2, ap-4, large blast, special= lasts for 1 turn). Hunter: stats: ws-3,s-3,t-3,w-2,i-3,a-2,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, launch attack (if within 8" of survivor may do a special charge: gains hammer of wrath, + 1 attack, and survivor may not attack), gear: rags, rotten claws (hand weapons).


Tank: stats: ws-4,s-5,t-5,w-4,i-3,a-3,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, take down (when within 8" may make a special charge, move forward 12" towards survivors and 'pick up' first one it comes into contact with, this model is caried to the end and suffers a charge from the charger, all othes are nocked prone out of the way and suffer a s-6, ap-5 hit), hammer of wrath, pummel (if a charger charges a model by take down, then it will pummel the target, instead of attcking normaly the survivor takes d6+1 s-6, ap-4hits every turn, and may not attack), gear: rags, hammer arms (power fists).

Witch: stats: ws-5,s-3,t-3,w-2,i-3,a-3,ld-5, rules: feel no pain, fearless, startled (stays where it is deployed until startle, a witch is startled if a survivor comes within 8" of it, a (noisy) shot is fired within 12" of it, or it is attacked (shot/charged/bombed)), destroyer (when startled the witch will immediatly move 2d6" towards the model that startled it, and will then charge, this model immediatly is incapasitated). gear: rags, claws (rending hand weapons).

magnum=plasma pistol (no overheat), 8 shots per clip, noisy, 1AP per shot.
Kevlar vest=5+ sv, breaks after 3 battles.
improvised weapon=hand weapon.
weapon=rending hand weapon.
hard leather=6+ sv, breaks after 2 battles.
shotgun=melta-gun 8" range, 6 shells per box, noisy, 2AP per shot, cone (1" either side of tape measure), roll to hit each zombie in cone.
axe=2 handed power axe.
pistol=bolt pistol, 10 shots per clip, noisy, 1AP per shot. sniper rifle=wounds on 3+, 10 shots per clip, 2AP per shot.
sub-machine gun=storm bolter, 15 shots per clip, noisy, 1AP per shot (2 at a time).
Any silenced dont have noisy.
survivors have 5AP for shooting phase, re-loading takes up 3AP, after shooting/ using items/ re-loading any left over AP may be used as a run (for every 1AP left the survivor may move an extra inch) .
dual-wield=fires 2 shots for 1 shots AP, re-loading 2 same as 1.
med-pack=2AP, restors d6 wounds.
Incapacitated=when down to 4 wounds, prone, only use pistols/magnums, can be revived for 3AP and d3 wounds by person, or by a med pack, if not revived in 3 turns then they die, can move d3" per turn.
Dead=can revive dead survivors using 2AP and defibulator at half wounds. pills=restors 3 wounds, 1AP to use. adreneline=move 8", have 8Ap, for 2 turns, 1AP to use.
Boomer bomb=bile vomit (see boomer): 8" range, blast, 2AP to use.
Pipe bomb=8" range, count down for 2 turns, 2AP to use, draws all zombies 12" away, krak grenade with blast.

Buildings: when entering a building a survivor may search it, this requires 5AP, if searching roll a d6, this is the number of items found in the building (if it is a small building only roll d3) and roll that many times on the table:
1) nothing, better luck next time
2) hard leather/kevlar (if the survivor has no armor gains hard leather, if survivorhas hard leather they get kevlar, if they already have both they may take an extra kevlar to give to another survivor or replace their own later on.
3)silencer for gun (survior may make one of their guns silenced, cant be used on shotguns) .
4) med-pack, or 1 ammo clip for survivors weapon (pick one)
5) boomer bomb/pipe bomb (survivor choice, may only hold one, if find while already holding one they may replace).
6) pills/adreneline (survivors choice, may only hold one, if find while already holding one they may replace.

closing/opening doors: cost 2AP but zombies must destory doors before attacking survivors and no shooting may be done through doors, doors block range for half rotten, so if there is a door in the way a zombie wont move towards a zombie for being too close, but will move to and attack door if there is a noise in range.

Safe Zones:After entering safe zone and closing door each survivor gains 2 clips with all their weapons, a bomb (choose, if not already have one), and a med-kit/defibuator. the game ends when all survivors (still living and not incapasitated) have made it to the safe area, if someone dies and is not revived or left behind when incapasitated their part in this journey is over and they dont come back. If a player loses their survivor they will take over the next survivor they find (but this may take a few battles) until then they are out of the game.

Wining: when one battle of the campaign is over, for each survivor that escaped the survivors gain 1Vp, for each that died the zombies gain 1 VP, at the end of the campaign the team with the most Vp's win.

Scenario #1: The Group is formed. While heading to the safe zone Kain met up with Dorn, an ex-gang member that was also looking to find the safe zones. they deacide to work together since Kain knows where it is but knows it will be a struggle to make it there and could use the fighting skills of Dorn to get them there. but even together it may not be possible to make it, as the outbreak was even worse than the military thought and the whole area between them and the safe zone is infested by the infected..... A 4X4 board, the survivors start together in one corner, and the safe zone is in the other corner, the area between is set up to look like a city, place 2d6 zombies in each buiding (1d6 if small building), 50 zombies wandering the street, and 2 witchs (randomly in buildings, but not same one), every turn place d6 zombies around the board edges (randomly), if a 6 is rolled, roll on the folling table to see what zombies are placed:
1) A boomer and 5 zombies.
2) A charger and 5 zombies.
3) A smoker and 5 zombies.
4) A spitter and 5 zombies.
5) a hunter and 5 zombies.
6) A tank, a boomer/smoker/spitter or hunter (zombie players choice) and 2 zombies.

I will make more scenarios to carry on the campaign, feel free to adjust the scenarios/survivors where you want, but try not to over-do it as these are made for the ones I've done and can do. any recommendations are welcome.

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I have played a bit and here are some things I noticed were weird and corrected.

shooting can be done into combat.
overwatch is done at normal Bs. i
f zombies attack a door because a noise was within 18" but the door prevented them from getting to the noise, they will stop attacking the door if no noise is heard next turn.
doors have 2 HP and have an AV of 9 on all faces.
a building may only be searched once.
overwatch shots don't count as having noise.
a shotgun shot may be positioned by the survivor anyway they want as long as the shot hits the charging zombie (allowing them to hit the most zombies possible).
Dorns loner rule isn't really a rule, but I would use it as a character trait, I recommend actually making the characters act as their backstory's and rules are, so maybe Dorn sometimes wanders off from the group, Armando stays at the back of the group a lot, things like that.
at the end of every scenario roll 1d6 for each wound suffered by a survivor (roll individually for each wound) on the roll of a 5+ the wound is restored.... (optional) if you want to make it a harder game for the survivors you can add in, on the roll of a 1 the wound has got infected and the survivor takes an additional wound.
passing items from 1 survivor to another costs 2Ap for both survivors (both giving and receiving costs 2Ap)
I removed the half rotten rule from the special zombies, as I felt that it gave the zombie player too little to do, and allows it to seem as though the specials retain some form of their former intelligence.

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I will be putting up a new scenario every week, roughly, (I may miss a week now and again, or I may put up 2 in one week).

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Here's the next scenario:
Scenario #2: A friend in need.
Kain and Dorn made it to the sfe zone (adjust if only one made it) but they found the place deserted and messages on the wall saying to leave, that very few places were safe. but Kain knew the way back to the miltary base, and suggested they head there, seeing as they had no other option Dorn agreed. there were several safehouses between them and the military base, and the nearest one was an old gun store, that still had its owner stored up there. However when they reached they found that it was in the middle of being overrun, and the store owner was on the roof panicking and randomly shooting at the horde. now Kain and Dorn must make a decision, sneak away to the next safe zone (most of the space between them and there would now be clear), or stay and help the store owner take on the horde......

This mission can be skipped. Armondo becomes available after this mission (but only if mission is played).
A 4X4 board, the survivors start on one side and the safe zone is on the other, arange the safe zone to have some defences on it, and broken in some places, Armondo is placed on the roof, a model for ramule is placed prone in front of the safe zone doors, ramule cannot be revived in any way (hes been dead too long).
70 zombies are placed within 18" of the safe zone, 1d6 zombies in each building (d3 if small building), 2 witches (1 placed 20" from safe zone, and the other one in a random building).
scared gunman (each turn armondo fires a shot at the zombie closest to the safe zone, he does not run out of ammo, having plenty stored, nor does he need to re-load, doing that inbetween the one shot).
safe zone doors: T-9, W-5,
one of each type of special zombie (not tank or witch) is placed with the 70 zombies,
every turn place d6 zombies around the board edges (randomly), if a 6 is rolled a Tank is placed instead.

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if you want to see more, leave a message, because if no-one actually cares if theses are up then I wont bother.
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