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Zectonium Prison Mines - Sci-Fi Terrain [KICKSTARTER}

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The Zectonium Prison Mines is a vast collection of 3D printable, Sci-fi terrain that gives you the creative freedom to build immersive industrial landscapes and brutal, off-world mining facilities. The modular terrain will ignite stories of daring prisoner escapes, battles over coveted minerals and explorations of enigmatic, ancient alien ruins as rival forces navigate through labyrinthine tunnels or engage in explosive conflicts along the elevated walkways and towers.

Back this project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saucermenstudios/zectonium-prison-mines?ref=4euxns

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We're continuing to unlock even more stretch goals! The sci-fi miniature bases AND objective markers packs are now included in the All-in Pledges! With a total of 17 unlocked stretch goals plus the Core set of 110+ models this is already HUGE value and there's lots more to come!

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