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I'm curious as to the way Tau armies are played by and large. So I ask, how do you all do it?
The 2 local armies here are Sept Ta'SHaia; a Mont'ka sept that plays like Kauyon, and Cadre Shi'Kai; a Kauyon that plays (sort of) like Mont'ka.

2 Monat XV8s
6 XV25s
24-48 Fire warriors in 4 units
12-24 Ta'shaia Veterans (Fire warriors gone apeshit) in 2 units
2 Hammerheads

XV8 'el
8 XV25s
24 Fire warriors in 3 units (1 Devilfish)
8 Pathfinders & 1 Devilfish
2 Broadsides
Sniper Drones

Any fluff to say why you do what you do is also cool.
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