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Your First ever 40k mini.

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It was mentioned on another thread about older models and the prices and it got me trying remember what the first 40k miniature I bought was and how much I paid.
I honestly cannot remember at the moment what I got first but.........

What was the first 40k mini you ever bought?
How much did you pay? (If you can remember.)
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I loved, and still love, the old metal Chaos Marines. Also, something about the phrase "Chaos sorcerer" really mad me like 40k.

Odd I didnt go Chaos, my first mini(s) was a bunch of DE warriors.
I'm pretty new to this, so my first was a plastic cadian guardsmen. I failed to read the dex before I assembled them though, so the first guy I put together had a voxcaster and a nade launcher, which is illegal. :| I painted him before I figured that out, so he just sits on my shelf and kinda chills, while my other guys actually get played. :mrgreen:

My first GW mini at all was a blister with like ten warmaster scale ogres, for an orcs and goblins army.

Got it for free actually. I had a coupon for a free item under ten dollars. And I have no idea where they are.
My first mini's were a squad of second edition Death Guard, with the stupid static stance and the damn knife being held out at a useless combat position. I painted em up Imperial Fists and found out I was a moron shortly after. yay noobs.
I don't remember what my first 40K mini was, as back in the day, there were a lot of hand-me-downs and swaps. I know most of my army came from Space Hulk box sets, for example, but I must have got my (plastic) Guardsmen and (metal) Patriarch from somewhere. Probably gifts.

The first miniature I actually remember buying for myself was the 2nd Ed Ghazghkull figure, back when I had two armies on the go. What a horrible miniature that was, and is.
the first mini i think i bought for myself was a shokk attack gun in its first lead form, i think it cost me an almighty £1.50
Oh I love the Shokk Attack Gun. Is that still in the rules?

I think I had the same miniature. This one:

£1.50 for that (and a Snotling base, iirc). Back when the hobby was almost affordable. :wink:
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I'm very new to 40k so the first miniature I got was a SM with a boltgun.
my oldest memory of my miniatures was a squad of space dwarves, i think they called them squats and an old style rhino. think i bought the lot off my mate for a curly wurly :lol:
torealis said:
box of RTB01 marines.
Same here I think. My memory is failing....
First mini I bought that I used for 40k (I know that wasn't what you asked, but there are many potential answers to the question...) was an old (pre-slotta?) Amazon with a bolt-pistol, probably 5 for £2 or some such in about '87... the first minis I bought specifically for 40k were some Judge Dredd Riot Judges I thought I could use as Imperial Guard (probably £2.50 for 3 or something)... the first 40k mini I owned was the old Space Marine with Heavy Weapon, but I didn't buy him... sadly all gone now.

In short, I can't remember.

The first 40k mini I bought specifically to play 40k was probobly on ebay, as I've only recently started playing again (have kids, kids! It's a great excuse for playing with toys!)
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