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Often I'm drawn to armies by specific units where I like the fluff, models or think they'll be fun to play with. Which are the units you'd love to have a go assembling, painting, converting and/or fielding? I'd be interested to read what the other factions' popular units are, from a playing, fluff or painting/modeling perspective

IG: Leman Russ battle tank
A classic unit, a model that's stood the test of time and both sturdy and hard hitting.

Daemons: Bloodletters
A kind of daemon I've never fielded, but nice models and they seem like they'd be fun to summon in big groups

CSM: Chaos terminators
I can't think of anything cooler. I'd love to do CSM allies just to model and paint some of them

Dark Eldar: Scourges
Those models look awesome, and a jump infantry heavy weapon team is a fun concept

Eldar: Swooping Hawks
Not for the models (I really wish they'd do a plastic kit) but for the fluff and idea of how'd they'd work on the table. GW could do such a nice kit if they gave them some attention

Necrons: Lychguard
Because they look awesome

Orks: Kanz
Orks will possibly be my next project because there are so many units I love. It's a tough call between regular boyz, meganobz and killa kanz, but I'll go with kanz. Ramshackle looking mini dreadnoughts that can be fielded pretty cheaply, are cheap to buy with a nice plastic kit, come with okay guns and S10 CC... they're everything I like. They may be fragile but a unit of three doesn't have to cost much over 100 points and with battlewagon spam, a few more transports and stuff like bikes hitting on T2 they might just get ignored now and then and do some damage. I like the idea of one with a TL big shoota and two with burnas to keep things cheap

Space Marines: Terminator CC squads

Tyranids: Warriors
My current army, I have a load of these and a prime. The fluff and models are great and they're a unit that has divided opinion for a long time. Perhaps my favorite change in the new dex was bringing back mixed weapon units so I can model a prime and field it as a regular warrior with a sword/lash and talons to give some CC ability. A minimum sized unit with a barbed strangler seems viable enough for competitive play too. Cheap synapse, scoring and an assault large blast weapon seems like a decent synapse choice given the options

The other armies have never interested me, and screw imperial knights

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Since I only collect Tyranids all other units on this list are just based on the fact that I think they look cool.

IG: Cadian Kasrkin - I'd say the most futuristic infrantry in the game

Dark Eldar: Razorwing Jetfighter - you must admit that is one of the coolest flyers

Necrons: Most of the Necron units are cool, but the best is Catacomb Command Barge- that is the way you should arrive to a battle, a true command unit

Space Marines: Scout Snipers - I actually bought these just to paint them.

Then to Tyranids:
Tyranids: Warriors My current army, I have a load of these and a prime. The fluff and models are great and they're a unit that has divided opinion for a long time. Perhaps my favorite change in the new dex was bringing back mixed weapon units so I can model a prime and field it as a regular warrior with a sword/lash and talons to give some CC ability. A minimum sized unit with a barbed strangler seems viable enough for competitive play too. Cheap synapse, scoring and an assault large blast weapon seems like a decent synapse choice given the options
I must say I share your love for the Warriors. But the coolest and my favourite is the Swarmlord - I would have no other unit leading my army.

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i have only played marines and chaos so im choosing the coolest units .
IG: Valkyrie
it's a awesome looking flyer

Daemons: Bloodletters
i agree with Squire about bloodletters being lovely looking models. if i did a daemon amry it would for the blood god

CSM: Raptors
even with every game i have played with raptors they were the first unit to die. but i still like them use in my game for lols.

Dark Eldar: Wyches
this was hard choice, as i like of units in this faction. they have awesome poses and weapons.

Eldar: warp Spiders
my favourite unit for my favourite race in 40k. they can move though the warp enough said . but do they get a new plastic mould and allow to have a whole army of them for 6th. NO.

Necrons: Lychguard
same reason as squire

Orks: Burna Boyz
mad orks with flamers what could wrong?

Space Marines:Dreadnought
a classic unit in the 40k universe .something that always reminds of space Maines.

tau empire:XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team
nothing says scfi then guys in flying jumpsuits

So be it.
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SM: Scouts. I love the covert ops, and the models are pretty fun to use too.
IG: Either Karsikins (baddass models) or standard Vets - once again, covert ops :grin:
Tau: Pathfinders. I think you get the idea.
Necrons: Lychguard - these boys are just terrifyingly awesome.
Sisters: Umm...
Chaos: Helldrakes, just because they make the most satisfying kills :crazy:
Demons: Bloodletters are simply an iconic unit
Eldar: Pathfinders (or rangers I guess), because... well... covert ops...
Dark Eldar: Lilith :wink:
BA: Death Company
Orks: Boyz. Lotz of 'em
Tau: I kind of like all of them, but I guess just the basic firewarriors
*EDIT* Tyranids! How did I forget them... Genestealers for sure. Scary as hell, but so iconic

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SM: StormRaven: so much firepower on one flyer.
IG: Stormtroopers: i love precise and efficient drops.
Tau: Crisis: hit and run tactics are fun.
Necrons: Imhotek- Actually I really hate him, but it's because I have to play against necrons.
Sisters: Never seen them in action, but I like Arco Flagellants: they illustrate the cruelty of 40K so well.
Chaos: Noise Marines- Being a Slaaneshi fanboy: I couldn't pick anything else. ^^
Demons: Daemonettes (see above).
Eldar: Warp Spiders.
Dark Eldar: Never played against them and I don't have the slightest idea of what they have.
Blood Angels: I've heard they have a unit that can charge after deepstriking, so i'd go for that.
Orks: Weird boy. His complete randomness is very fun. :D
Dark Angels: Gotta love their bikes. <3
Tyranids: Genestealers. Everyone says they suck, but if they manage to get into close combat, they hurt a lot.

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Tau is what I have right now, but I love to look at the models from the other armies. Here are my top faves from each army from an aesthetic standpoint:

  • Adeptas Sororitas: Uriah Jacobus
  • Astra Militarum: Commissar Yarrick
  • Blood Angels: Lemartes
  • Chaos Daemons: FW Great Unclean One
  • Chaos Space Marines: Maulerfiend
  • Dark Angels: Cypher
  • Dark Eldar: Mandrakes
  • Eldar: Wraithknight
  • Grey Knights: Dreadknight
  • Necrons: Canoptek Wraiths
  • Orks: Ghazghkull Thraka
  • Space Marines: Kayvaan Shrike
  • Space Wolves: Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armour
  • Tau: XV88 Broadside Suits
  • Tyranids: FW Heirophant

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Mostly from a model standpoint, though a few rules and bit of fluff might have crept in.

AM (formerly IG): probably the new Scion models, honestly.

Daemons: Hmmm. Odd. I have 4k points of Daemons and I honestly can't say I'm impressed too much by their models. Odd that I'm just realizing this now. Fave models? Probably the OOP 4th ed Daemonettes--for the graceful, deadly aesthetic as much or more than just the ":crazy: boobies" reaction (though I'd be lying if I said that entirely weren't the case).

CSM: Probably the new Dark Vengeance kit, honestly. Terrible models to play with, but some of the best sculpting that most perfectly encapsulates CSM to have come out of GW. Helbrute, Chosen...

Dark Eldar: Incubi, unquestionably. I drool over those models frequently and have to bite back the urge to buy just one box for display purposes only, in spite of not having any of the army at all.

Eldar: Probably Wraithguard, for their utterly alien aesthetic.

Necrons: I have to go with Deathmarks. I suppose I'm weak for mono-eyeball cyclops models...

Orks: Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, I think. Just for the wacky, wild weirdness.

Space Marines (inc DA, SW, BA, GK): Sternguard. Last edition's kit and this edition's kits have both been fantastic for this unit. Narrowly edge out the new Librarian model.

Tyranids: Hmmm. Great fan of the fluff of genesealers, but less so the minis for them. Probably the Trygon model, just for how damned impressive it looks.

Edit: forgot Sororitas: Got to be Arco-Flagellants, more for the fluff than the models but the models aren't half shabby. In much the similar vein as the Penitent Engines, I suppose.

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I'm a big fan of Genestealers, Death Company, Night Scythes, Daemons all look pretty cool (but ones with chariots are cooler), Grey Knight terminators...

Lots of cool stuff. There's some REALLY friggin' cool Lizardmen stuff, mostly the stuff that includes dinosaurs. Like this guy:


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imperial guard: Deathstrike: Looks so cool.
eldar: wraithknight (big cool thing with big cannons), banshees (very nice model poses) and striking scorpions ( awesome looking unit)
chaos: Raptors (great looking unit)
dark eldar: The whole army looks great
space marines: the captain with the axe and jump pack just looks badass

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Primarily based on looks this would be my top choices.

Adepta Sororitas: Penitent Engines. They look really badass, and their fluff is pretty grimdark as well.

Imperial Guard: The new Scions just does it for me on every level. They look like a bunch of badass, elite professionals and their helmets gives them that inhuman "Killzone" look. I'm a fan.

Daemons: Like Mossy, I don't think CD have any really amazing models currently. I like the flamer chariot and the Soul Grinder, but my favorite models are actually OOP.
It's an even toss-up between the 4th Daemonettes, who look just as graceful, alluring and dangerous as the fluff makes them out to be, and the 4th Horrors, who wins out by being so grotesque it's beautiful. I love them.

CSM: Probably the Cultists. They have just the right blend of rag-tag bullies and murderous intent that the scum of the earth like them deserves.

Dark Angels: I've always liked Ezekiel. He is one of those models who have stood the test of time.

Blood Angels: None. I think most of their models are pretty uninspiring.

Dark Eldar: So many awesome models, but the Incubi are the cream of the evil-looking crop.

Eldar: Rangers. They are just classic.

Grey Knights: Vindicare Assassin. Also a classic. In second place is Karamazov. To me, the new Grey Knights are all fugly as shit.

Necrons: The old Immortals always looked so badass to me.

Killa Kans: Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!!

SM: The 3rd edition metal sniper scouts. They really rocked the commandos look.

Space Wolves: None. Their models are boring as fuck and always have been.

Tau: The only models from that army I don't think look like total garbage are the Stealth Suits. They pull of that anime look pretty well.

Tyranids: The Red Terror. He's so nasty looking. He ain't pretty, but he also shouldn't be. He's like nurgle, in that way.

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IG: Special Troops (Steel Legion, for example), just the fact that they are unique - I do not know of anyone who actually plays with any of these armies.

Orks: Looted Wagons - the Custom made ones are the best!

Demons: Blood Crushers, they simply look amazing.

Space Marines: Contemptor Dreadnoughts - ya they are FW models but they are awesome.

Nids: Warriors and Raveners are my favorite models from the Nid line, its a shame that GW cannot seem to make them work.


I am always a sucker for Terminator models too.
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