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What does he/she/it have? A backstory? Cool custom wargear? Awesome paintjob?

Well, for starters, I have....

Lord Apothecary Lukas Altair, 230 Points
Force Commander

-Frag Grenades
-Iron Halo
-Teminator Honors

Special Rules

-God Splitter: The ancient hammer used by Altair, the God-Splitter is a Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer. In addition, Altair is so skilled with the hammer he rolls at Iniative 5 for the first round of combat. Note that on subsequent rounds Altair rolls at the basic 1.

-Comrade-In-Arms: Altair is well-known as the leader of the Reclaimed, one of the largest priate fleets in the Ultima Segmentum. He leads from the front, and is a great inspiration to his men, even when greivously wounded. Altair and his men benefit from the Rites of Battle special rule. In addition, even if he is removed for ANY reason, his men remain at Leadership 10.

So, there's my first. I'll post some others later. Well then. Post pics, Rules, wargear, and certainly Fluff!


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Well im taking Azrael, so cant really put much up about him, however he is going to be a conversion. a mix of Ezekials body and pose with Azraels banner and helmet bearer. with a wicked paint job of course as this is my modeling project army. 1000 points of DW :D

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Captain Galus Rex
Company Master, 3rd Company Dark Angels...135pts

Velo Mortis (Power Sword)
Plasma Pistol
Iron Halo
Melta Bombs

Special Rules:
Rites of Battle
Independent Character

Galus Rex was destined for the crown on his homeworld Serahk, and is a natural leader of men. He was selected (against his parents' will) for Space Marine training. Rex rose fast within the Dark Angels hierarchy, and after 85 years became the company master of the 3rd Company. It was then that he learned of a genestealer infestation of his homeworld, and quickly set off with a small contingent of his most trusted men.
Rex and his men routed the genestealers, but lost seven of their own in the process and Rex's sword was damaged beyond repair. The governor of Serahk had the planet's finest smiths forge Rex a new blade, the Velo Mortis; named so for Rex's fighting style- swift and deadly.
Rex is not a stereotypical Dark Angel, and is fast becoming well-known even amongst other Space Marine chapters; namely the Blood Angels. His lifelong friend, Armak Dusec, is captain of the Blood Angel's fourth company and openly brags about his friend's exploits whenever he receives word of them. Rex also has many good friends within his own chapter as well. Karus Deisel, whom Rex has taken under his wing because he knows that Deisel will one day succeed him, is a tactical sergeant that embraces the Dark Angel philosophy too utterly for Rex's liking; a fact that Rex is trying to rectify.
Rex is now approaching his 142nd year in the service of Him on Earth, and has earned more than his fair share of battlefield honors. He has aided his company chaplain, Alvar Cyphus (who was recently promoted to Interrogator-Chaplain) in the capture of three Fallen Angels, and was present when Cypher was within the chapter's grasp only to be whisked away by whatever force aids him. Rex has also earned the nickname "Genekiller" for his utter hatred and wanton slaughter of tyranids; specifically genestealers. It is rumored he is selected as a possible inductee into the Deathwing, but it is doubtful that Rex would want to join; bulky and slow terminator armor cramps his fighting style.

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Commander Garth

Commander Garth is one of the most revered Commanders of the Cadian 8th. He is a veteran of the Battle of Tyrok fields, in which he lead a platoon of conscripts in a daring flanking raid on the chaos vanguard.

But his most famous victories were on the planet Telgaris, a planet almost totally destroyed by a combination of tyranid hive fleets, Ork WAAAGHS! and Chaos Heresys. However, in spite of the impossible odds Garth and his loyal company was victorious and held off in total hordes of tyranids at the Telgaris Defence Bunker, before being reinforce by space marines of the Ultramarines chapter.

However, Garth has also faced defeat right in it's pug ugly face as well as enjoying victory. The company was almost utterly destroyed during Operation Purge when attempting to destroy the daemon world of Mendregard. Only 4 platoons, Garth, his command and a squad of stormtroopers managed to escape alive.

Now the regiment moves to bolster Armageddon as it's citzens brace for the third ork invasion. Though with more and more Warlords gathering into the fray, only time will tell if Garth's embattled company will survive the green tide of Armageddon...

Pts 170
WS 5
BS 5
S 3 (4)
T 4
W 3
A D3+1
Ld 10
Sv 4+
Wargear: Master crafted Power Sword, Bolt pistol, Frag and Krak grenades, Melta Bombs, Macharian Cross, Medallion Crimson, Lasdesignator.

Special rules
War Wounds: Garth received some debilitating wounds during the catastrophe of Operation Purge. As such he rolls a D3+1 for his attacks at the start of the battle.

Fearless- After years of fighting, Garth is totally fearless and never has to take Moral or Pinning tests. He confers this ability to any units he joins.

Master Strategist: Any force containing Gartj may choose whether to set up first.

Hated enemies- If an army containing Garth is fighting against Tyranids, Orks of the Goff clan or chaos that follow tzeencth, all imperial models benefit by hitting on 3+ in assaults.

Lasdesignator: Garth has a lasdesignator linked up with the Imperial Ship Burning Fury This means he call in a large blast template of S8 AP1 2d6 AP once a game (subject to scattering).

Master Crafted Power Sword: Increases his S by +1 as well as rerolling misses.

I know that was quite a mouthful, but it was just copied and pasted from one of my other threads.

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-God Splitter: The ancient hammer used by Altair, the God-Splitter is a Master-Crafted Thunder Hammer. In addition, Altair is so skilled with the hammer he rolls at Iniative 5 for the first round of combat. Note that on subsequent rounds Altair rolls at the basic 1. Altair also treats the God-Splitter as a one-handed weapon, instead of the normal two-handed version.
Thunderhammers are normally single handed weapons
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