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Please Note I do ship internationally as long as its done with insurance and tracking as best as possible.

My ebay listings. Please note more and more Nurgle and other stuff wil go up and keep going up until my personal stuff is gone. There is over 8k points left but some units are running low.

More auctions from the same army..

CC Dread

Ranged Dread

More nurgle Obliterators (sold for buy it now so they are gone.. but id still like feedback)

2 More oblits that are still up


Then there are all of these that were up and have sold. I post them here as an example of work I can easily replicate or in fact have copies already made. I have a terrible habbit of making 2-3 of the same unit that way to have all the army list options and any force id want.

Since my wife got sick, selling my own personal almost 10k points of Nurgle, its been sad but it must be done.

Most auctions dont end over retail so its a great doeal for expertly converted stuff with massive amounts of GS. Its a truly 100% one of a kind army.

If you like any of the past stuff sold, PM me and we can work something out.


Another Lord with Chosen this time:

Nurgle Predator that only has a few hours left on ebay:

Nurgle Vindicator, still has 2 days left on ebay and has no current bids so get it cheap! :)

Possessed Rhino

Nurgle Prince

Another Prince

Possessed Dreadnought

Nurgle Lord

Nurgle Chosen

Nurgle Obliterators (with pus sacks)

Possessed Nurgle Marines:

Converted Plague Marines.

Lord on foot:


Possessed Vindicator:

Continued due to only 100 pics per post... lol..

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Soulgrinder "Plague Hulk"

Plague Tower:

Start of various nurgle marines that sadly wont get completed..

I am looking for feedback as I plan to rebuild the army at some point in the future. Its ashame medical needs come first but its good I have the things to sell to help with the bills.

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