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First got involved with 40k back at the beginning of 2nd edition, and played like a fiend until shortly after 4th Ed, when excessive business travel got me out of the hobby. Now, a few years older and married, I'm getting back into the hobby since I can fit it in with the rest of my life fairly easily.

I got my start with a squad of Swooping Hawks, some metal guardians, and a warlock back when 2nd edition was just getting warmed up. Amidst reading the Neibelungenlied and Beowulf in high school, I noticed the Space Wolves, and other than a dalliance with a small Khorne demonbomb army, a small IG Mech army back when they were terrible, and a very small DE army before the codex was revised, I've bled Space Wolf gray ever since.

Oh, and TWC are dopey.
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