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It is the 41st millennium.

For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. Millennia ago, the great betrayer and arch heretic Sanginius the Fallen Angel fought against his gene-father, and rendered him in his current state. Half of his Space Marine legions stayed loyal to his Imperium, the other half joining the ruinous powers of chaos.

As the Imperium of Man slowly withers and decays from the cancerous corruption within, the legions of chaos fester within the Eye of Terror;

The terrifying Blood Angels, the very chapter of the arch-betrayer himself, a sickening sea of red and black power armour twisted beyond recognition with heretical and undead imagery. The Blood Angels are worshippers of the great pantheon of chaos, and utilise specalist divisions dedicated to each god (such as the Khornate Death Company). Seen as the visions of foul un-life and vampyric death, the Blood Angels are at their most destructive when the Chaos Warmaster Dante calls one of his dreaded Blood Crusades..

The diseased and bloated Salamanders, carrying decay and entropy wherever they roam, cleansing all non-infected life with foul fire. These plagued marines cared more for their mortal counterparts than any other chapter prior to the heresy, and before long their care was transformed into the stifling embrace of Nurgle. They still care for their mortals now, and wish them to live forever, even as they shamble their daemon world as lifeless, infected zombies.

The turquoise, black cloaked Dark Angels, servants of the Lord of Change and practitioners of evil sorcery capable of destruction unimaginable. The Dark Angels are aided by the mysterious, Tzeentch-worshipping Xenos known as the Watchers in The Dark, who help them cast their spells and relics of dark power across the material universe. This legion keeps all manner of dark secrets, the lies further fuelling their patron.

The rampaging, bloodthirsty barbarians of the White Scars, their armour long stained a permanent crimson as they kill in the name of the Blood God. Their Primarch failed in conquering the tribes of his homeworld through diplomacy, and quickly came to believe bloodshed the only solution to all of humanitys problems. As they bathe in oceans of their enemies blood and kill with roaring chainswords, it can only be said the legion has fallen further to this belief. Their once glimmering bikes have been replaced by twisted hybrids of man and machine, along with Khornate demonic mounts.

Outside the Eye of Terror in the daemonic, hedonistic realm of Ultramar, the Slaaneshi Ultramarines have created a dominion of the most beautiful and horrifying heights of human experience, built on arrogance and vanity. Their pride and arrogance grew as they believed themselves to be the paragons of space marines, and they sought to build a domain of Ultramar based on humans fulfilling their every desire; the perfect world. However, they exist now simply to experience untold pleasure and sensation, and to pass these hedonistic heresies along to their realm. Clad in almost completely gold armour flanked with pink and purple details, the paragons of debauchery rape and pillage wherever they go.

The Iron Hands, followed into battle by dark machinery that distorts the fabric of reality and defies the laws of physics. The reality-defying nature of their machinery is given to them by their large cohort of Dark Mechanicus, but also the powers of Tzeentch; Tzeentch having power over two original legions. However while the Dark Angels feed on sorcery and secrets, the Iron Hands feed on knowledge and unreal machinery. Unholy hybrids of daemon and metal, of all forms, will often be sighted alongside these warriors.

The Space Wolves, haters of both the chaos gods and the Imperium, pay service to a mysterious deity named Malal who supports them in their distaste for all things. When the Council of Nikaea ruled the Thousand Sons were allowed to practise sorcery as they wanted, the Wolves stormed out of the room and into the arms of Malal. However this grip was fleeting, and only tightened when they were declared traitor for their ramsacking of Prospero. Bitter, outcasted, and brutal, the Wolves are the perfect subjects of the renegade god. Despite the service of Malal, they still share close bonds with one another; however, this is fine with their patron. Their hatred of all else is enough.

The Raven Guard, twisted and feral avian creatures who swoop at the enemy on mutated jump-packs, tearing them apart. Raven Guard have no loyalty, no plans, and no grand means for existence. They merely hire themselves out to the highest bidders, from Xenos empires to Blood Crusades. The Raven Guard consist mostly of raptors and warp talons, however they also field high numbers of spawn more disturbing than any other chapter could produce. For unknown reasons, these are called the "Corax-Born", or the "Nevermore". They are known to spend little time not airborne, and have behaviourally become more akin to a bestial flock than to men. For some marines possessing beaks, this is not only a behavioural change.

The Imperial Fists, a strange and reclusive chapter who bury themselves deep in the crusts of dead worlds. Some radical inquisitors have suggested they do not worship the dark pantheon at all, however the nature of this is disputed.. At any rate, they are the enemies of the Emperor's imperium. Some say that the Imperial Fists had a great vision before the heresy, and have based their actions on this great vision. Others say they are simply selfish, and hoarding all they can find. Regardless, many planetary governors or nobles have met their regime's demise at being walled into their own hive cities.. Or simply their demise if air runs out.

Meanwhile, the loyalist half of the space marine legions fight in the name of their gene-father, proud legionnaires accompanied by thousands of successor chapters and guard regiments. From the grim, stalwart Death Guard to the barbaric and savage fury of the World Eaters, the Astartes loyal to the master of mankind maintain the line between order and chaos;

The Sons of Horus, the legion responsible for knitting the frayed threads of the Imperium together after the heresy. Ancient, effective and loyal, the sons of the most honoured primarch protect the Imperium with pride and valour.

The Emperor's Children, a preening and prideful legion of perfectionists who use only the finest ancient armour and wargear in battle. Known for their lightning fast spearhead assaults choreographed perfectly, and their style of combat more comparable to high art.

The Death Guard, a grim and stoic legion who contrast the spectacular Emperor's Children with their chipped, rusty and often unpainted armour. This Death Guard will fight loyally to a man, and even in the face of the gravest assaults will push on to their deaths, forming a wall of defiance.

The Night Lords, who disperse their chapters far across the galaxy, sowing terror and discord in the hearts of the Emperor's enemies. The Night Lords are known to have a strong connection to the Adeptus Arbites, and can often be seen fighting alongside them in internal conflicts. The Night Lords have strange death-fetish rituals, and have a high amount of Assault marines.

The World Eaters, Angron's savage berserkers who show no mercy or restraint in butchering the enemies of the Imperium. Despite this savagery, the World Eaters have a high level of martial pride and honour. They are all implanted with the dreaded Butchers Nails devices, however learning to control them is required for the main force of the legion. Those who cannot are doomed to spend their service dying with honour as crazed berserkers.

The Thousand Sons, the great psyker legion. The Thousand Sons gather and utilise all manners of knowledge for the Imperium, and consist of the most powerful psychic forces the Emperor has at his disposal. They ritually remove one eye in memory of their primarch, however their psychic powers are so great they can see beyond even Astartes vision.

The Iron Warriors, the master of siege warfare and breaking the enemy defences. They are responsible for many of the Imperium's unbreakable fortifactions, and breaking the more vulnerable ones of the enemy. They hate the traitor Imperial Fists with a passion, and will place special priority on killing one of the yellow traitors. Known for the high levels of technology and mechanicum intervention they utilise.

The Word Bearers, following their primarch being reprimanded for Imperial Worship, became the most stalwart and unbending supporters of the atheistic Imperial Truth. However, after the heresy, they came to realise their old gods were to be feared more than they had ever known, and wish to make the atheistic Imperial Truth a reality by wiping out Chaos. Covered in litanies to the emperor, the Word Bearers use the power of faith against itself to wipe out gods, one coven at a time.

The Alpha Legion, the green and blue serpentine masters of stealth. They often operate inside chaos cults and legions, sowing discord and only striking when the time is right. There is suspicion they may actually be aligned to chaos and attempting to unite the legions through conflict, but this is not confirmed.

More to come...

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Whilst I do look forward to seeing how this pans out.... I do have one question.... Is it intentional that you have just mirrored established fluff (all traitors are loyal and visa versa) or just a happy coincidence?
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