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155-Autarch (JB, Mandi., Laserlance, Reaper Launcher)

152-Dire Avengers (exarch, 2 Shuriken catapults, Blade Storm)
145-Waveserpent (Shuriken Cannon, SE, VE, SS)


192-10 Fire Dragons (Exarch, FDB, Crack Shot, Tank Hunters)
145-Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon, SE, VE, SS)

Fast Attack
237-5 Shining Spears (Exarch, Star Lance, Skilled Rider, Withdraw)

Heavy Support
180-3 War Walkers (6 scatter lasers)

180-Fire Prism (HF, VE, SS)
180-Fire Prism (HF, VE, SS)

I need to drop 4 points somewhere... I think crackshot should go bye-bye for the FD...

This is what im thinking.

Turn 1 - Move FD and DA into good covered area with SE. The Shinging spears with the autarch go with the DA to lend some CC support as perhaps a counter attack unit? The Pathfinders begin taking shots at MC and other tough guys. The War Walkers use their scout move to gain LoS of a tasty infantry/light armour unit. The Fire Prisms use their range to through either some focussed shots at vehicles or pie plates at infantry.

Turn 2 - FD make one more move in WS then jump out near tanks and such. DA moves toward light armour/light infantry. Shining spears stay close by for potential assualts while the autarch takes some shots with his RL. Snipers continue what they do best and the war walkers kneel down and bow to their masters...

Any suggestions on how I should play this list are most welcome. If you think I should or shouldn't do something I would very much like an explanation so I can reason with it. BTW, what craftworld would this most likely corrispond to?

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OK, as you said your a touch high in points... so here are my thoughts.

1.. Drop 2 Fire Dragons; (-32pts)
2.. Add Defend to DA Exarch and swap his Duel Cats to PW & SS (+25)
difference of -7pts so your legal.

8 FD's should still be able to dro pretty well and Tanks, or Tough Infantry in the Game (TMC's too), and the added resilience to the DA would seriously help you in regard to any CC you encounter (which I think you will).

Now for tacitcs.
I see the Pathfinders working as you mentioned, set up in cover and lay down some serious "Cover" fore for the rest of your army; but don't limit them to just this. With Iinfiltrate and Scout, they are more than capable of 1st turn assaults (good for Necron Destroyers, etc) and they can also pin enemies with low LD, so think about these less often used options as well.
The Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons can be a Tag team from hell if they mass their shooting in Drive-By style action. And if you keep their Wave Serpents between them and the enemy, then its almost impossible to get assaulted in return (expecially after thier combined shooting), and it can take away a lot of Rear Armour options for the enemy. Other than that, I think you got the hang of these guys.
Now the Autarch and Spears as you said can make a great "Assault group" to rescue your shooting component; but normally working ont heir own...as combined shooting and Assault would be "Overkill" and you never want these guys left in the open. Also don't forget that they can split up in certain scenerios to limit two enemy units (for those guys that like to use Small Devastator Squads, etc).
And finally, the Warwalkers and Prisms.... which should make up your "Ranged shooters", try to use the terrain and your range to limit any return fire on the WW's as they are soft, and don't forget that if an enemy gets lax, you can smash them with Tank-Shock with your Prisms... I know you won't kill a whole bunch; but it forces LD tests and enough of them and he will fail (I once got a large Necron Warrior squad as they failed their test and it was the only one I forced the whole game - luck is luck, so often enough the only way to get lucky is to make the opportunity).

Cool look all around, I wo'nt make any suggestions on swapping units, etc as I think you know what your doing anyway and it just looks like you rlooking for some tweeks.
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