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I have never tried this, but a bit of an internet serach yielded this suggestion:

http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/portland/971/reference/tips.htm said:
YELLOWED/AGED DECALS: After a while unused decal sheets can become yellowed with age. To restore them back to their original colour and get rid of the yellowing is actually quite simple. Put them in a plastic bag and tape the bag against a window facing direct sunlight. In a few days the decal sheet should be restored. From first hand experience, the following worked - Airfix (1976) F-86D decal sheet placed in a freezer bag - trimmed to be about the size of the decal sheet. Excess plastic bag folded and taped on the back of the sheet. The decal sheet and bag were taped inside my backroom window facing west - directly into the hot Australian setting sun. Three days later - white decals!

also suggests similar and some other decal restoration methods

It sounds plausible as sun bleaching should help, for more info try searching for "decals" on google as alot of military models come with them and some are very old.

Hope this helps, and do post if it does - I am sure there are others out there who could benefit from this.
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