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Hey guys.
Started work on this yesterday, so kinks still need to be ironed out, but here is what I have so far.
Comments and feedback welcome, please :)
Recent additions are in blue!
Sama'el Vaal
Primarch of the XI Legion

During the scattering, Sama’el Vaal was thrown to the other end of the galaxy, landing on a death world named Tallidus, which was situated in the Ultima Segmentum near the Ghoul Stars. Sama’els pod plummeted through Tallidus’s atmosphere, to crash into the planets crust upon the lower hemispheres of the planet.

He had landed on a death world populated by humans and xenos alike. The planet did not segregate between the different races, as for as long as the planet could remember, they had lived side by side. This was just as well, as the planets citizens had much more to worry about. The world was split into two castes, lower and higher, the higher being the ruling caste. The higher caste contained multiple cults, all competing against one another in bloody violence, wanting only overall power of Tallidus. It was the beasts of Tallidus and its power hungry cults that made Tallidus such a hostile environment. Each cult of the planet thrived for dominance, but no matter who won the constant bloody battles, the lower caste populace would always be the ones to suffer. It was the beasts of Tallidus, its deadly fauna, and its power hungry cults that made Tallidus such a hostile environment. Life expectancy capped out at around 30 years, and it was even less if you were of lower class standing. It was into this area Sama’el landed, and it was the lower caste that he would call his home. It was into this area Sama’el landed, and it was the lower caste that he would call his home.

Sama’el was found by a family of lower caste humans in a dense jungle, where every other plant was carnivorous, and the ground quick to sink. He was found by settlers from a nearby town. When they found him, he was surrounded by many deadly beasts, all of which lay dead at his feet. It was this fact, and that he had not been killed by the jungle itself, that they took him in as one of their own, thinking him a blessing from their ancient gods. They named him Sama’el Vaal, literally meaning 'Angel of Death', due to the circumstances under which they had found him.

As he grew, he learned the ways of his people. He learnt how to survive in such a dangerous environment, the ways of the warrior, and he studied military tactics. It was a mixture of this, and his biologic father, that allowed him to grow into the most physically and mentally strong being in the lower caste, and possibly the higher caste, by the mere age of 10.

As he entered his 11th year, his family came under attack from a higher caste xeno gang, who broke into their small hut and attempted to pillage and murder the humans. It was only by Sama’els intervention that none of his family lost their lives, but fear still gripped them as to what he had done. Sama’el had killed higher caste citizens, and in the eyes of the current Warlord cult master, this was punishable by death.

Sama’els family knew he must leave, and quickly, before the higher caste came to claim his head. Sama’el refused at first, but eventually he agreed, not out of fear of death, but out of fear for his families’ safety. He fled into the jungle where he had been found, beginning a new life of exile.

His life of exile taught him many things in the arts of stealth, self-defence, and surviving. There was only so much you could learn in a classroom without performing what you were being taught before you began to cease learning. But out in the wild; young, alone and surrounded by deadly creatures, the knowledge would never cease to flow.

When Sama'el was not in combat, or treating his wounds, he trained. He left his town with only the skin on his back, refusing to take any of his fathers weapons for defence, thinking his father would need them more than he would. Sama'el honed his senses, developed his strength, cunning and guile. He became one with the jungle, blending in with his surroundings, merging seamlessly throughout his environment like the polluted air he breathed.

On occasions he would go back to visit his family. He made sure they were living well, and brought them meat, drink, and other substances to help them live prosperously. He told them stories of his exploits, which never ceased to amaze them. Whilst his father may have been confident in his sons survival instincts, the same could not be said for his mother and sisters. They were always begging Sama'el to stay, even though he was double the size of them now and there was literally no room for him. He always managed to calm them before departing back to his make-shift home far away in the depths of the jungle.

On one of his returns to his family, he was greeted with shock and horror. Thinking to return to a happy family, he saw his entire town burning and in turmoil. Sama'el stumbled around, suddenly lost and confused. He had never truly felt like he had left his place of upbringing, and now his home had been wrenched from his heart, he felt empty inside. He suddenly realised why this had happened, and immediately fell to his knees in utter despair. Then, from no-where, he heard a muffled cry on pain. His senses managed to pick out precisely where it had come from, and within a heartbeat he was staring down at the source of the noise.

He stared down at his father. Never had he seen such a brutally mutilated or tortured body. He was missing both legs, the surface of his skin covered with deep gashes, scars and bruises. He tried to pick himself up, but fell in the attempt. Sama'el caught him, and gently but firmly held him against his chest. In a faint tone, only audible to Sama'els advanced hearing, his father spoke.
“My son, hear me. Today, I have watched all that I have ever loved burn to the ground and die. My wife; your mother, killed before my very eyes. Your sisters, butchered mercilessly, with me unable to help. They did things; things that...to even know these things is worse than death itself.” He paused, chocking on his own blood. His eyes were beginning to darken. “Sama'el, I...I weaken with each breathe. Those bastards tortured me into telling them were you where. The worst part is I think if I had known I may have caved. They came for you, my boy.” With his last ounce of strength, he reached up to Sama'el, grabbing his shoulder, pulling him closer. “Do not seek vengeance. To do so would be suicidal. Just...just..” The old man’s grip loosened, as his last breathe spluttered out of his broken body. He fell limp in Sama'els arms, which by now was covered in nothing but his fathers life-blood. Never had he felt pain like this. The sight burned into his iris's, the memory etched into his mind. A part of Sama'el died that night. Grief consumed him, sorrow took hold. He lost his family.

It was on this day he swore bloody vengeance on the higher caste and xeno alike, blaming both for his families, and his towns, demise. He promised that every higher caste and xeno soul would be his, and he would rise to rule this desecrated planet, to free it from its hierarchical tyranny.

Using Tallidus’s jungle as an operating base, he began to plot his enemy’s downfall. He began small, using his skills and abilities to quietly assassinate minor officials of the warlord, leaving no witnesses to report who had murdered them, as well as to spy on his enemies, better to learn how they thought. Civil unrest began, and the Warlord began to fear for his life.

Refusing to rest, he began to use his massive charisma and oratory skills to gather followers from all the separate lower caste settlements of Tallidus, uniting them all under his cause, promising them change. As Sama’el grew in power, the amount of assassinations increased, right up to the point where the Warlord himself sent out reconnaissance forces to scout for the criminals. The majority of the forces either came back empty handed, or not at all.

Sama'el grew in power. He had managed to unite all the lower-caste under his banner, but for what he had in numbers, he lacked in supplies. Over the next few weeks, he undertook reconnaissance into the Warlords territory, each time bringing back more and more weapons. He dare not send his men in un-armed, not even to gather equipment. He was confident his abilities would be more than enough to surpass the Warlords pitiful guarding system. He had cracked that years ago, back when he was first exiled.

The time came for Sama’el to overthrow the Warlord. Using the current cult wars of the higher castes as a distraction, he quickly assembled his army. He led multiple raids on many of the cult’s armouries, to better equip his warriors with weapons and armour before the deciding battle. He also stole maps dictating strategic locations and places of importance to the Warlord, which he would use to his advantage. He left no-one alive to report who had raided the Warlord, believing secrecy would aid him in the struggle.

With the cults constant battling, Sama’el split his men into multiple, large bands of warriors, and sent them to separate locations. His plan was to make the Warlord respond and commit his already stretched forces to subdue the threat, during which time Sama’el would lead a small strike force of his most elite warriors into the Warlords stronghold. As he signaled for his men to start their multiple assaults, he led his strike force down into the underground lairs of Tallidus’s great beasts, which if they survived, would lead them right under the Warlord’s stronghold.

With the Warlords men struggling to contain the assault of Sama’els men and the constant onslaught of rival cults, he surged forwards, slaying beasts all around him, just like the day he had arrived. They encounted all types of beasts, a stampeding horde of horns and fangs within a catacomb of death. He lost 3 of his men, reducing their numbers to 12, before they even reached the stronghold. Were it not for Sama'el, all of them would have surely perished, for he was a blazing inferno of vengeance and death, massacring his way through the beasts, leaving nothing alive in his wake. His men thanked their luck to have such a wise leader, for before he committed his forces, he had personally scouted out the way to the Warlords stronghold, coming and going without ever alerting a single beast.

Once Sama'el and his men had slaughtered their way through, due to the lack of personal guard in the stronghold, he decided to storm the stronghold, with the ferocity of 100 men. He gave no quarter, killing every single man in sight, taking not even a scratch in the process. As he reached the Warlords private chamber, he was alone, covered in gore, with a furious passion burning in his eyes and soul. He stared down at his arch-enemy and his 10-man bodyguard. This was what he had been planning for all these years. Vengeance burned in his heart, the image of his fathers dying breathe coming to surface. He charged. With 10 powerful strokes of his sword, he delivered each member of the Warlords bodyguard to death. A swift reaper, nimble, fast and strong, he was death incarnate. Just as he plunged his sword into the 10th, the Warlord buried his blade into the young Primarchs side. This did not subdue him however, and with the fury of the gods, removed the Warlord blade and cut the Warlord down from his right shoulder to left hip, cutting the man in two. He had finally claimed his soul.

Victorious, he signaled to his men of his victory. In an act of triumph, he threw half of the Warlords body to the north, and the other half to the south, showing the cults of the Warlords demise. Sama’el resolves to unite the world under his banner, and to destroy al xeno life forms on his planet, to create an all-human society. It took many more months of fighting to purge the xenos and eradicate his rival cults, but after an era of death and slaughter, he had freed Tallidus from its oppression and tyranny.

Tallidus began to thrive under Sama’els leadership. Criminal activity had dropped to a record low, technological advances were on the up, and Tallidus entered a new era of prosperity and advancement.

The coming of the Emperor
Sama’el, possessor of no psychic talent, did not expect the coming of the Emperor as some of his brother Primarchs had. As the Great Crusade reached the outskirts of the Tallidus system, the whole populace stared skywards. Although Tallidus was a death world, the skies above where always a clear, blue-white mixture, and the people barely knew the meaning of night.

Upon seeing this, Sama’el ordered his men to prepare arms and set up defences around key locations of the area. He decided to advance to meet the outsiders alone, theorizing that were he to appear by himself, the likelihood of a conflict would minimize, better to protect the lives of his people.

As the Emperor descended into the former lower caste towns, flanked by members of the Adeptus Custodes, Sama’el walked out to meet him, without a bodyguard. Upon hearing the Emperors claims of fatherhood to Sama’el and of his Great Crusade to unite humanity, Sama’el had his doubts. His father was the one who had raised him from birth; he could not simply denounce him for this stranger. He set the Emperor 3 challenges to prove himself as his father. One was to survive a week in the dense jungles of Tallidus with no aids, just as Sama’el had. As the Emperor passed this, his next task was to earn his peoples trust, thinking he should be able to do this just as Sama’el himself had done. His final task was a one on one dual with Sama’el. Even though Sama’el was smaller in height than the Emperor, and his brother Primarchs in fact, he was much more muscular than them, which gave him an advantage. The battle lasted for the day, and Sama’el was finally laid low, but not with the blade, by the Emperors mind. Having never been bested in combat before, he immediately swore his complete fealty and his planet to the Emperor. Before doing so, he did state to the Emperor that even though he now believed him to be his father, he did not feel it in his heart, for his father would always be the one who raised him.

The Great Crusade
He quickly learned the ways of the Imperium, but still retained his own tactics that he had found worthy on his own planet. He was reunited with his legion, which the Emperor told him were created from his own DNA stock. This filled Sama’els heart with joy, as family was always something he had craved since his familes demise. He saw them as his children, and pushed them to limits that only a father could. He named them the Soul Hunters, after his father who was a hunter, and his own victory in claiming the souls of his enemies.

He quickly gained the Emperors and his fellow primarchs confidence, taking over planets with outstanding speed. This is believed to be because of his massive oratory skills and charisma. Even so, were a rebellion to emerge, or a planet refuse to turn to the Imperiums rule, he would crush them with no mercy, drowning them in a sea of blood.

For a time, Sama'el and his Soul Hunters were joined to Konrad Curze and his expeditionary force, to help conquer planets and crush rebellions in the Ronstrum system, which contained many individual planets. During this time, Sama'el and the Night Haunter formed a strong bond. The two primarchs were saddened when the Emperor ordered the Soul Hunters to a different system, but he obeyed none-the-less.

It was just as they left the Ronstrum system, a massive warm storm erupted around the fleet, swallowing them within seconds. The Night Lords attempted to contact and reach the Soul Hunters, but it was to no avail. All Konrad Curze could do was hope for his brother's return.

The Great Crusade continued, and nothing became of the Soul Hunters. Never-the-less, the Great Crusade marched on.

25 years after the incident, the Night Lords were suffering heavy casualties on the planet Yrenngar. Just as they were about to retreat, salvation came from the dark sky above. A blade of fire struck down from the sky, obliterating the fortress' outer walls, destroying many stationary anti-infantry weapons along the way. Before the dust could settle from the destructive bombardment, 50 drop pods descended to the planet, landing inside the fortress walls. Inspired by this twist of fate, Konrad Curze sent his men forward, in an attempt to reinforce their saviours. As the Night Haunter reached the inner sanctums of the fortress, he was greeted with a site that he had been waiting for, for 25 years. In front of him stood Sama'el. The Soul Hunters had returned.

Following rituals of purity, and other customs to check for signs of taint, the Soul Hunters were welcomed back to the great crusade with open arms. Unknown to the Imperials, a deep, small taint lurked within the legion, unknown even to the Primarch himself. This would continue to fester, until his fellow brothers noticed changes in Sama'el. His campaigns became less about converting humans to the ways of the Emperor, and more about bloody conflict, with victory at any costs. His amount of Astartes increased, beginning to swell close to the numbers of Ultramarines.

Worried, the Emperor sent his own personal bodyguard, the Adeptus Custodes, to investigate. Unknown to the Emperor, this coincided with the time Horus began the Istvaan massacres. As the Custodes confronted Sama'el, he slew them without mercy, leaving one alive to report back to his 'lapdog'. This was the Soul Hunters first act of treason. Sama'el knew this would coincide with Horus's treachery, and planned it thus.

By this point, the mutation in the Soul Hunters DNA was noticeable. As Horus advanced on to Terra, Sama'el began to destroy and conquer planets. Unlike his brother traitor primarchs, he did not conquer for Horus, but for the Chaos gods themselves. Nor did he serve the Warmaster, and whilst the traitor legions advanced to Terra, Sama'el undertook a personal crusade of bloodshed and terror, in the names of his immortal Gods.

Small Update there for you guys. Added the stuff in blue, and went over first section for spelling mistakes, and adding in a bit more detail. Enjoy!

More will be added tomorrow, let me know what you think so far! :victory:

Note to self -
1. Needs more info on youth, and to expand on info currently written.
2. More info on his planets environment and populace.
3. More info on his appearance and family.
4. Need to expand warlord battle. More description with his town before destruction and after descruction.
5. More info after warlords death, and the battles to destroy other cults and unite the populace.
6. add more in about crusade, maybe a secret relic of chaotic origins, possibly obtained from eldar or other alien race i could make up?
7. More info on brotherhood with Curze.
8. More info on the taint.
9. Add dates for the legions creation, battles, warp storm disapearence and re-armerging.
10. Need gifts from each 4 powers.

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Nice work mate, but this:

he did state to the Emperor that even though he now believed him to be his father, he did not feel it in his heart, for his father would always be the one who raised him.

Sounds allot like mine :p but none the less worthy of some rep mate.

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Thanks for rep guys!

Locustgate - Thanks, and yeah I haven't ran over it all yet, but I will soon. And you will have to wait and see :p

Vali - I did notice that after you mentioned it, having gone back and read yours. I used personal life stuf to influence some of the work, and Sama'el is planned to be that sort of person. I could change the wording if you like?

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I think that definetly deserves a rep point. This is awesome! Good detail - I would like to know a tiny bit more about the great crusade and what happened but minus that I really like this.

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I think that definetly deserves a rep point. This is awesome! Good detail - I would like to know a tiny bit more about the great crusade and what happened but minus that I really like this.
thanks mate, glad you liked it :) And thanks for taking me into the 100 rep range! :victory:

More to come on them and their activities in the great crusade, so you should be happier soon!

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Hello heretics!

Sorry about the (very) late update, but the update is up, all in blue. At moment I'm expanding on what I already have, adding bits in here and there.

Hope you like!

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