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X-Wing Wave VIII

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Well, what do we have here?
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404 not found! Pics or it didn't happen bud.
Doublepost action. Saw the article, went to check on the status of the Raider since my girlfriend and I were talking about getting a Tie Advanced Prototype to lead our soon-to-be dual Advanced fighters into combat and I saw this badass hanging out(!!):

Such want.
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I'm sorry, @Tawa, I know this is about Wave 8 and not the Assault Carrier...but they were all announced kinda at the same time right?!

It fucking carries four TIE Fighters and launches up to two a turn. IT ACTUALLY FITS THEM UNDERNEATH THE CARRIER:

Magnets? I think magnets. OR the TIEs are upside down and use their base plugs (hehe) to fit into the undercarriage.

I haven't been this excited about a friggin' model in years. I wasn't even this excited when my main 40k army got a 7th edition Codex. That Rebel two-for-one that is coming out is another grab for me. I wasn't so into Wave 7 but damn. Good stuff, FFG.
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Aye, works for me now too. It was weird and disappointing to get that error message for such an awesome release....and hot on the heels of wave 7/the Raider too! I have started watching Star Wars Rebels since that's where some of these new ships are coming, the first episode was pretty sweet. Little Disney-like, but still Star Wars with all the sounds and tips of the hat you crave.

Wave 7 kinda went over my head with the only ship I was really interested in being the Hound's Tooth, but this Wave I might actually get all of them. I would be remiss if I didn't have all five of the bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back represented (and good on FFG for getting all of them out/announced so quickly after Scum was released)!
Watched a demo game with them for a couple minutes, and the assault carrier seems like a ton of fun. SPAWN ADDITIONAL TIE FIGHTERS!
When you say 'spawn additional' does that mean those TIEs are worked into the cost of the Carrier or are they part of the list and embarked on it?

Some interesting reading.
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