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They look like three very good lists. As an Imperial player myself, if I am playing with Interceptors I always equip all of them with Push the Limit.

I agree with your point on list one, Engine Upgrade on the Firespray rather than Expert Handling may be a safer option and a lot more useful.

I'm also liking the Targeting Computer with PtL. Its not a combination I have used as I tend to use Stealth Device instead. Five dice at range three can be very frustrating for the opponent but I can see boost/barrel roll and target lock working really well.

If I was going to use/wouldn't like to face a list it would be the third list. The Interceptors are still susceptible (but that's the Imperial way....) but Kath is a solid build with plenty of offensive firepower and increased movement. The Interceptors agility and PtL should keep them alive and may be enough a distraction to cause your opponent to split their force.

I recently ran a list of Boba Fett, Soontir Fel and Turr Phennir. Both Interceptors had PtL and Stealth Devices and they were very slippery.

But yeah list three for me :good:
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