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X-Wing Tournaments, UK.

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So, there's a store about twenty minutes away from me that are kicking off a league next week.

Any other Heretics nearby that are going to this? :)

There's also one at The Outpost in Sheffield on the 26th of this month, if anybody is hitting that one? :)
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After a few days of swapping and changing, this is pretty much the list I will be taking to the tournament on Sunday;

Darth Vader - Squad Leader
Turr Phennir - Stealth Device
Dark Curse
Obsidian Squadron Pilot
Academy Pilot

Me, @Tawa and our other X Wing playing comrade Rich will be spending Saturday refining lists, tactics and errata prior to the tournament.

My only real change may be swapping out Turr's Stealth Device with either a shield/hull upgrade or giving him Daredevil for some pretty lunatic manoeuvres. That aside, I can't see much changing and I'm looking forward to chucking some dice this weekend.
Do you guys tend to run more point heavy ships as a group?
I'm a dedicated Imperial player and never played as Rebels. But I have a number of lists that I regular use, from twin Firespray lists to TIE swarms.

Like @Tawa says, my normal list is 4-5 ships with a few upgrades and pilot skills with several variations on this.

I'm not really a competitive player but X Wing seems to have a good community, a ruleset that can't really be exploited and, most importantly, its Star wars.
A most interesting practice day with Tawa today......which has culminated in his switching to an entirely different list!

I ran my list as above for two matches. The first was hugely successful with Turr Phennir running the show and gunning down both Wedge and Biggs.

The third was an utter debacle with Turr beaching himself on an asteroid before being blown to pieces. The list was comprehensively outplayed and outfought with some absolutely staggeringly bad dice rolls from me. This was the match that convinced Tawa to take the list he has chosen for tomorrow.

The second was an experimental all Imperial affair that after an hours play, the only casualties were a Lambda shuttle and TIE fighter. All rather odd.

But the lists are pretty much nailed down now bar some very last minute tweaking....
Huge thank you to the guys at the Outpost in Sheffield for a truly excellent tournament today :victory:

Well organised and well run, I got to meet and play against a lot of people that make the hobby as enjoyable as it is. A thoroughly enjoyable day and a 15th out of 22 finish with two wins and three losses including an epic final game.

Top day all round :grin:
I know it's a bit off topic, but what's the basic start up cost of X-Wing like?
You can pick the core game up for at about £25 but eventually you will probably want a second copy for more dice, ships and tokens. This would give you two X Wings, four TIE's, lots of dice/tokens and a extra set of movement templates.

After that its building your lists for your chosen faction. Most small base blisters are £12, bigger base ships (Firespray, YT, Lamba shuttle) are about £12 and the Rebel/Imperial aces boxes are about £24.

The main thing is the game is instantly accessible and straight out of the box. No painting, no extra books or rules. You can have as much fun with three ships as you can with ten.

A definitely recommended game and, when compared to other systems, relatively easy on the wallet.
@Logaan finished 15th out of 22 with 2 wins and 3 losses.
He killed off a combined total of 11 ships for 20 losses. (OUCH!)
That was a very painful amount of ships to lose but comes with the territory when running TIE fighters. I lost two successive ships in my fourth match to two three blank evade rolls.....:shok:
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