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X-Wing Tournaments, UK.

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So, there's a store about twenty minutes away from me that are kicking off a league next week.

Any other Heretics nearby that are going to this? :)

There's also one at The Outpost in Sheffield on the 26th of this month, if anybody is hitting that one? :)
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Do you guys tend to run more point heavy ships as a group?

In general my group tends to be "fit as many ships as possible" into a list.


While I am not interested in going to the tournaments I tend to run tournament lists;x-wing is an enjoyable game for me to be lazy about.

In general my Imperial list tends to be

Black Squad
Black Squad
Obsidian Squad
Obsidian Squad
Academy Pilot


My Rebels has currently evolved to be
B-Wing (Skill 4)
B-Wing (Skill 4) Proton Torpedoes
X-Wing (skill 4)
x-Wing (skill 4)


I just find it interesting that the imperial list only has 4 ships, and most people here find that Imperial require 4 ships minimum, 5+ is better

and Rebel has a mix of heavy pointed and spammy.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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