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X Wing lists

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There seems to be quite a few folk on here playing X Wing so I thought that I'd start a thread for squad lists. Half the fun of the game is building squads using 100 points. These are a few that I plan on using in the next few weeks;

Rebel mixed list;

Wedge Antilles - R2-D2, Proton Torpedoes, Expert Handling
Biggs Darklighter - R2-F2, Proton Torpedoes
Gold Squadron Pilot Y Wing - R2 Astromech, ION cannon, Proton Torpedoes.

Total - 100 points

Imperial TIE swarm (well a small swarm...)

Darth Vader - Squad Leader, Proton Torpedoes
Black Squadron Pilot Tie Fighter x 4

Total - 91 points

Bounty Hunting.....

Darth Vader - Squad Leader, Proton Torpedoes
Obsidian Squadron TIE Fighter
Bounty Hunter Firespray31 - Proton Torpedoes, Seismic Charges

Total - 100 points

Boba's Day Out.....

Boba Fett - Veteran Instincts, Gunner, Proton Torpedoes, Seismic Charges, ION cannon, Slave1 upgrade
Mauler Mithel
Storm Squadron Advanced TIE Fighter.

Total - 97 points.
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