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Since there is no spot for x-wing, I felt here was ok...
Played my Vader for the first time today. Very fancy! Lol
The forces;

E-wing knave
Biggs w/ r2d2
Not to sure what else they had on them..

2x Acadamy tie's
Echo (phantom) marksman, acd, mercenary co-pilot
Vader (tie advanced) proton rockets, squad leader and stealth device.

Usually I fly whisper but today I wanted to try something.

The setup

Now I kept forgetting to take turn by turn photos..

Some fancy flying and a few maneuver mistakes on both parts. I parked Vader on an asteroid...

I will pop back to fill in the details have to go to store now.


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Sorry guys, been away.
I'll shift the thread over now. And I'll enquire about the subforum thing for you knify :)
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