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Will be playing 300pt and 200pt games this Sunday.
What do you think of the below; we can only use the ships I have in my collection.

{Collection: 1 Firespray, 1 Decimator, 1 Defender, 1 Phantom, 1 TAdv, 2 TInterceptors, 5 TIE fighters}

What would you change up and what would you take out for the 200pt listing?

Squad 1: Oppertunists
[ DC comes in at target from the front. BS tries to get behind. ]
-- TFer: Dark Curse
-- TFer: BackStabber

Squad 2: Fast & Hard
[ SF fast attack after W hits them hard. ]
-- TPhantom: Whisper w/Adv Cloak
-- TInt: Soontir Fel w/Push the Limit

Squad 3: Up close and Personal
[ The boyz pile in. Range 1 fun. ]
-- TFer: Howlrunner {Gives reroll to one of the boyz.}
-- TFer: Winged Gundark
-- TFer: Mauler Mithel
-- TInt: Carnor Jax w/Push the Limit {strips enemys of Focus and evades}
-- TAdv: Cmd Alozen w/TIE/x1, Predator, AdvTC

Squad 4: The Heavies
[ Try to stay at range 3 and blast away ]
-- TDef: Rexler Brath w/HLC
-- FS31: Krassis Trelix w/HLC, Seismic Charges, gunner.
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