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Hey all, here's a quick rundown of ways that I (and others) build certain ships. If you have your own suggestions then feel free to post them up!

Where a "+" appears after the points value, it means that this is the bare minimum for running the ship and expecting it to do the job it's designed to do, you can always add extra mods, crew, skills etc on top of that.


Lambda Shuttle

Omicron, Vader. 24pts. For 2pts more than a vanilla X-Wing you get 10hp, the same attack, and the ability to inflict crits on whatever you shoot at. You don't need to worry about turning the shuttle, because it's rare for it to survive longer than a few turns :grin:

Jendon, Weapons Engineer, ST-321. 32pts+. Target lock any two ships on the board, turn 1. Pass one off to someone. Target lock another two ships on turn 2, pass one off. On turn 3 then you should be starting the joust with 3 Ships shooting with Target Lock AND Focus. Works well with Bombers and Defenders especially.

TIE Advanced

Vader, Engine Upgrade, EPT of your choice. 33pts+. With the Raider coming, the rest of the Advanced will be worth considering, but for the time being it's basically Vader or nothing. Decent EPTs that he works with are Squad Leader (Gives someone else an action instead of one of his), Swarm Tactics (something else gets PS9) and Outmaneuver (makes his 2-3 dice more effective). Probably the most self-sufficient Missile platform we have, able to Lock and Focus on his own, so potential there if you really want some Ordnance in your squad.

TIE Bomber

Apart from the obvious Scimitar + Weapons we also have:

Jonus, Failsafe, Ordnance and an EPT. 30pts+. The EPT is up to you, but I actually quite like PTL, which allows him to Lock and Focus, which makes him much more reliable at shooting things, because he doesn't benefit from his own rerolls, which is a shame. He can also run Squad Leader to allow a wingman to benefit from a reroll AND focus on their Ordnance shots.

TIE Defender

Delta Squadron, Ion Cannon. 33pts. You can fit 3 in a list. It's fun, if not super-effective.

Vessery, HLC, Marksmanship. 45pts. Provided you can keep him out a trouble (can be tricky) he will seriously irritate your opponent with R3 HLC Crits. Obviously works best with someone else doing the Target Locking so he can just pop MMship every time. Also benefits from VI if you're tight on points.

TIE Fighter

The only good ones able to take EPTs are Mauler and Howlrunner. If you're going to put a Mod on a TIE then Stealth Device (IMO) gives you better returns than a Hull Upgrade, but YMMV.

Mauler loves Outmaneuver, if you're not averse to spending 3pts on it. Howlrunner enjoys Predator, giving her a reroll too, or Swarm Tactics to chuck someone else her impressive PS8. Always, always, always take a Stealth Device and Evade actions on Howlrunner, as the enemy will take her out as soon as you leave her vulnerable.

TIE Interceptor

Saber Squadron, PTL, Stealth Device. 27pts. If you really want to cut points, lose the Stealth to make it 24. Interceptors live and die by their actions, whether it's arc dodging with boost/roll or turtling up at R3 with an Evade and a Focus. I'd never run one without PTL. That said, unless you're trying to run 4 of them, this guy is a better option:

Soontir Fel, PTL, Stealth Device. 33pts. Easily the best Interceptor pilot we have, essentially getting 3 actions per turn for the cost of a stress token, which is easy to clear because of our many green options. If you're going to take just one squint, take this one.

TIE Phantom

My personal favourite:

Echo, VI, Advanced Cloaking Device, any 3pt crew apart from Vader. 40pts. Man, I love this ship. Never leave home without the ACD or VI, ever. You have a little flexibility with the System mod, with the potential to run an Advanced Sensors instead, but I think that given your already ludicrous amount of movement options, you want to make the most of your offensive power instead, hence Target Locks. Each of the crew does something different, and all are very beneficial to you. Want less of a bullseye on your back? Captive. Limit your enemies ability to k-turn into you? Mara Jade. My default crew is a Recon Specialist, giving you Focus for the offense AND defense, or just letting you tank more effectively if you're under fire. Weapons Engineer will give you much more choice on your target for next turn without losing offensive power. Whisper is run exactly the same way.

Sigma, Stygium. 27pts. The cheapest 4 dice attack ship around! Can potentially run an Intelligence agent for another point, allowing you to see what the enemy is doing and make decloak choices.


Oicunn, Daredevil, Engine Upgrade, Rebel Captive, Jerjerrod, Int Agent, Dauntless. 57pts. Let me explain how this works... :grin:

Reveal a green move that causes you to overlap another ship. Deal 1 dmg.

Dauntless triggers, giving you a free action BEFORE receiving stress.

Use Daredevil as your free action, hitting the enemy ship again. Giving you a stress. Deal 1 dmg.

Dauntless triggers AGAIN, giving you another free action (Focus/Target Lock) and then receiving a third stress token.

The green move you pulled before all of this crap went down clears a stress token.

Net result: 2 stress on you, Target Lock/Focus, 2 dmg to an enemy ship. For optimum performance, run it with a fighter with Wingman, which will knock it down to 1 stress which can easily be cleared next turn. Jerjerrod, Int Agent and Captive keep you alive long enough to do it again. Done and done! Alternatively, Mara Jade will prevent the guy you just rammed from K turning on your ass, and renders whole formations actionless.

Chiraneau, Isard, Captive, Engine Upgrade, VI, plus a crew of your choice. 58pts+. A PS10 (!) large ship that has more HP than the Falcon, but has no red on it's dial, causes stress when you attack it, and gets auto-crits at range 1-2. Not too shabby. Making a big appearance at this years Store Championships, especially when combined with Whisper or Echo - they kill a lot of ships before they even get a chance to shoot.

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Prototype Pilot, Refit. 15pts. Basic filler unit to bring up ship numbers and to provide an Interceptor equivalent dial.

Green Squadron, Refit, PTL. 20pts. You now shoot before a lot of the Generics in the game, and have much increased survivability due to the possible token stacking and arc dodging.

Tycho Celchu, PTL, Refit/Protons. 27pts+. Stress? Whatever. Keep pumping uot two actions a turn, no matter what condition you're in, until you fly over a rock. Enjoys Protons due to PTL allowing Lock and Focus. Potentially can be run with Test Pilot title and VI to annoy Fel and Phantoms, or Lone Wolf if he's run as a flanker, but he gets a little expensive for a 4HP ship.


Blue Squadron, Advanced Sensors. 25pts. Contender for the most efficient ship in the game, points wise. Firepower of an X-wing, more survivable than a Y-Wing, capable of hard/K turns while still performing actions. And you can have 4 of them. Yum.

Ibtisam, Fire Control System, Engine Upgrade, Opportunist/PTL. 38pts. Relatively expensive, but survivable like all B's, and also capable of throwing out 5 dice with a reroll depending on skill choice.


Corran Horn, Marksmanship, Fire Control System, R2D2, Experimental Interface. 47pts. So, in one turn, you pop Marksmanship and take a Target Lock/Focus/Evade. Shoot (ideally at R1). Shoot again, still with the MMship bonus and a Target Lock (from FCS). Next turn hit a green maneuver, drop the EI stress, and regen a shield from R2. Do it all again the following turn. If you want to drop EI you can, but I'd never take him without R2 or Marksmanship.


Roark, Recon Specialist, Crow, Blaster Turret. 29pts+. Gives out PS12 to something (very useful for turreted ships when dealing with Phantoms) and shoots reasonably well. Can stay alive longer than you might think if you stack enough Focus tokens every turn.

Jan Ors, Squad Leader, Ion Turret, Nien Nunb. 33pts+. Acts as a kinda of swiss-army knife for the squad, handing out Ion tokens to enemies, granting extra actions and attack dice to Allies. Try to keep her out of the firing line with the long straights that are now green to drop the stress from her ability.


Lots of choices here!

Tarn Mison, R7. 25pts. Just. Won't. Die.

Biggs Darklighter, Shield/Hull/Stealth and R2-F2. 31-32pts. Standard Biggs build maximising survivability.

Wes Janson, Veteran Instincts, R3-A2. 32pts+. Shoots at PS10 (!) and strips a token while adding a stress. Phantoms and Squints cannot be in his arc at the end of their movements or their life expectancy plummets dramatically... Partner with Wedge for extra fun! Kill a Phantom before it ever shoots!




Gold Squadron, Ion Turret, R2 Astromech. 24pts+. Standard control piece in rebel lists. Adds HPs and has a half-green dial to give you some flexibility.

"Dutch" Vander, Ion Turret, R7-T1. 31pts+. At R3 passes out a target lock and Ions an enemy with his own target lock. Next turn moves into R1-2 and can either boost past their arc while maintaining Ion fire, or simply into R1 to throw three red dice at something.

Z-95 Headhunter

Blount, Veteran Instincts, Ion Pulse Missiles. 21pts. You want to keep him cheap, but at PS8 he's shooting first at all the big ships except Han or a Dash with VI.

Cracken, Squad Leader, Hull/Shield if you want. 21pts+. Gives out two actions to other squad members. Is probably my favourite Rebel Force multiplier (pun intended). 21pts of pure action economy. Just try to keep him alive. :wink:

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Well you can run a mini-swarm with an Ion-Defender to set up shots from the TIEs. An Ion Cannon vs other small bases and IPMs for large ones. Alternatively, you can drop the missiles and Failsafe for an Engine Upgrade. Likewise you can fit Brath into the list with Predator, which stacks with the Howlrunner reroll (although you can't reroll a reroll) to allow you to potentially reroll all of your attack dice vs PS2 or lower, leaving your Focus free to flip cards.

Academy Pilot (12)

Academy Pilot (12)

Academy Pilot (12)

"Howlrunner" (18)
Predator (3)
Stealth Device (3)

Delta Squadron Pilot (30)
Ion Cannon (3)
Ion Pulse Missiles (3)
Munitions Failsafe (1)

Total: 97

View in Yet Another Squad Builder

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You can, but from what I've seen they're a bit too expensive for their return, especially the named ones. I mean Brath with a HLC, EPT and Mod runs you to about 50pts, which is getting into Decimator/Falcon territory.
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