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how decisive exactly is wysiwyg? i mean, i like to use twin-linked missle launchers with my wraithlord, but you cant just buy a model like that and i dont wanna buy another wl just so i can put on another ml. how exact is wysiwyg?
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This is the area were alot of my sales come from, i get alot of messages and orders a month before large WYSIWYG tournaments and from players who want to represent it accurately as possible.
Personally i have never played in this fasion, im firmly of the mind that the model on the table is just a representation of what written on your list, as long as its written down and you have paid the points it really does not matter if the model is equipped correctly.The wraith lord is a very good example of this, i have modeled mine with a wraith sword because it looks bad ass and a bright lance and flamers, does not mean that im gonna field him like that every battle,i will choose different weapons based on who my opponent is gonna be or what points i am playing etc.
But tournments i guess are different to prevent cheating,hence the term.

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