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how decisive exactly is wysiwyg? i mean, i like to use twin-linked missle launchers with my wraithlord, but you cant just buy a model like that and i dont wanna buy another wl just so i can put on another ml. how exact is wysiwyg?
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Battlewagon bits (linked in the shopping thread) is your friend. Buy that second ML

It boils down to this: If youlve paid the points for it, it HAS to be on the model

It's a one-way street though. Just because you have it on a model doesn't nessecarily mean it needs to be on his sheet

Grenades and skills seemt to be the exception/gray area in the WYSIWYG rules. Some people will argue that everythign needs to be there, other people cite a rule form an older edition (I believe) that says grenades ad small stuff need not be reresented(hell, a 5 man assault squad sprue only comes with three meltabombs)

Most people will go for a compromise. If someone (preferably someone wihtout access to wargear) in a squad has an 'everybody must take' upgrade like grenades, modeled on the mini then you can assume the whole squad has them.

In any event, whether the model has things on it that aren't paid for, or if you're in a friendly game where WYSIWYG isn't a huge priority, or you have skills or other unmodeled things, ALWAYS INFORM YOUR OPPONENT
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Same here. Thats why I said that if you have somethign on a model that doesn;t exist on paper, you should tell the other guy
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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