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how decisive exactly is wysiwyg? i mean, i like to use twin-linked missle launchers with my wraithlord, but you cant just buy a model like that and i dont wanna buy another wl just so i can put on another ml. how exact is wysiwyg?
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Depends on where you are and who you game with. At tourneys it is a big deal but with friends it shouldn't really matter at all.
Most people will go for a compromise. If someone (preferably someone wihtout access to wargear) in a squad has an 'everybody must take' upgrade like grenades, modeled on the mini then you can assume the whole squad has them.
Heh, then my firewarriors would throw you for a loop as they all have grenades on the model but have never actually had them in game. I just like the way they look :). However, you are absolutely right about INFORMING the opponent. So long as you do so, there really shouldn't be a problem, especially in friendly games.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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