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40k vehicles and figures have no scale at all, they are all random.

1/48th is fine for most of the basic tanks/transports in 40k and 1/35th is only good for super heavies and inquisitor.

as to what tanks suit each, well take a look at E-models for places to buy them, and check the manufacturer sites for better details
model hobbies has some cheaper 1/48th kits as well

Tamiya is the brand you aim for quality wise, allot of there kits have plastic track links, not the horrible rubber tracks, and the molding is perfection, but they are expensive (still cheaper than GW though), and hobby boss is cheap and cheerful, nothing amazing about them though and can be rough in places, but there cheap.

and if you wanna see 1/48th and 1/35th models next to GW models, just check threads I've created, I've done a few WWII tanks for my guard
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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