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ok I have a large undead army
vampire counts army book
Nagash- part painted
vlad -painted...
Manfred on horse(metal) undercoated
necromancer painted
wight king- undercoated
tomb banshee
27 skeletons full command, inc a unit filler crypt( see pics ) to make a unit of 40
23 sketeons full command inc a unit filler(small crypt) to make united up to 32
20 zombies
10 grave guard
40 ghouls
3 crypt horrors
6 spirit hosts
10 black knights
10 hexwraiths converted from hex wraith bodys on marauder horses painted in ghost/spirit coulours see pics
corpes cart
ok as you can see im looking for sensible offer im looking to shift it as a job lot and looking for offers im Wiltshire based
also have the hard back nagash book I might be willing to part with for right offer.

can supply pics
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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