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Hey all, I am located in Canada, looking for cash via Paypal. I'll transfer all details to you. Buyer pays postage, to be included in Paypal transfer. Postage includes insurance and tracking. Pictures are available upon request. All prices are in CANADIAN DOLLARS (so, do the conversion. Good to buy if you're US or UK, even with postage) All packages shipped next business day upon confirmation of payment.


SMs- $70 (fairly firm)
Codex:Space Marines
Custom Chapalin/Captain/Librarien- Primed
9x Battle for Macragge Marines (Rough Shape)
3x Metal Scouts (CC)
1x Sniper Scout
1x HB Scout(Custom)
Fast Attack-
2x Sgt with Pfist
2x Flamer Marines
6x Assault Marines

Dwarves- $300 (firm)
1x Dwarf Army Book
10x Metal Thunderers
20x Plastic Thunderers
30x Warriors w/ GWs and Command
2x Plastic Cannons
1x Metal Cannon
1x Metal Organ Gun
1x Standard Bearer
1x Metal Engineer
1x Runesmith
1x Belegar
10x Hammerers

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