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Feeling a bit smug at the moment, but I feel I deserved it a little. I went up against a friend who is toting the new DA Codex in a semi-competitive game this afternoon for 2000 points as a warm up to a tournament at the end of the year.

I am trying out new units and experimenting with the make up and tactics a little, so I don't mind if I get a bit of a hammering, however, I do like to play to win if I can.

Anyway, here's a run down of what happened.

Eternal War: The Relic - 2000pts unbound


No Foc

4x Meks - 60pts


Big Mek, Da Fixer Uppers, KFF - 115pts

Painboy, 50 pts

Warboss, MA, PK, Twin Linked Shoota, Da Lucky Stick - 125pts

Weidboy, Lvl 2 - 70pts (Da Krunch, Eadbanger)


MegaNobz, Dedicated Trukk, Reinforced Ram, Red Paint Job, Boarding Planks - 175pts


29x Boyz, Shootas, Eavy Armour, Boss Nob, Shoota, Pk - 364pts

29x Boyz, Shootas, Eavy Armour, Boss Nob, Shoota, Pk - 364pts


Dakkajet - 3x Twin Linked Supa Shoota, Flyboss - 145pts


9x Flash Gitz, Kaptin - 220pts

Gorkanaut - 245pts

GunWagon, Reinforced ram, twin linked Big Shoota - 65pts

Total - 1998pts

Not really that much stuff for 2000 points, but those big units of Eavy Armoured Shoota Boyz take up a third of the overall cost! Lets hope they're worth it.

We set up a Dawn of War Deployment with a lot of hard cover and ruins on the left flank and wooded areas and hills in the centre and right. The relic went in the dead centre.

I rolled to deploy and go first, and without really knowing what sort of force my opponent had I concentrated on the best way to seize that relic and soak up the hordes of Dakka that is likely to come flying my way.

Rolled up Warlord Trait and I got Boss of the Waaagh! Fearless for all Ere we Go units on the turn of the Waaagh isn't that bad actually.

The Plan

  • Footslog two units of boys straight up the middle and act as cannon fodder and soak up punishment.
  • Right Flank of centre - Gorkanaught to distract and threaten, and shield my MA Warboss and Nobz in the Trukk.
  • Left Flank - Flash Gitz in Gunwagon, clear out the ruins of Marines and create a safe zone for my Warboss to dash to, Gunwagon on Standby to pick up the Boss if needs be.
  • DakkaJet - in reserve to deal with any flyers plus fast moving targets as and when they appear.
  • MA Warboss and Nobz in Trukk trundle up behind the Gorkanaut and Boyz and seize the relic. Once secured sneak out to the left flank to hide in the ruins and use boyz, FlashGitz and Naut as a shield.

As above I set up my two units of Boyz in the centre, the one at the front had the Painboy the one behind had the Weirdboy.

Left Flank - Gunwagon with Flash Gitz

Right Flank - Gorkanaut, with Big Mek and 4x Meks embarked. Tucked behind is the Trukk with Warboss and MANZ

When I saw the number and quality of tanks arrayed before me, I have to admit, my heart sank. I didn't have any real anti armour apart from PKs. With a Vindicator touting Str10 AP2 Large Blasts, a Landraider with Twin Linked Assault Cannons and Hurricane Bolters, a Razorback with twin linked assault cannons, 6x Ravenwing Bikes, 3x Landspeeders one of which was a DarkShroud and a smattering of Tactical and flamer toting Assault Marines bolstered by Deathwing Knights, I was in for a hard time.

Turn 1

Surge Forward, all boyz move up and run. Flashgitz in GW move up 6" and disembark 6" on the left towards the two combat squads in the ruins.

Gorkanaut lumbers forward and with no targets worth shooting at, runs a further 2". Trukk follows up behind, tucked away ready to surge forward if needs be.

Shooting was utterly pointless, with only 1 marine falling to the Gitz on the left.

The Dark Angels held position in the centre and opened up on the front unit of boyz with basically everything, but only ended up killing 9 boyz thanks to the EA and Painboy. 7 of those went down to the Vindicator. It's Str10 AP2 had to go, there was no way I could survive with it kicking about.

The Bikes and Speeders swept forward on the right and managed to glance the Trukk to bits. My MA Warboss and MANZ emergency disembarked, and ended up closer to the relic. Cheers mate. ;-)

Turn 2


Not the best time to waaagh, but I had to get that Vindicator out of commision asap and my Gorkanaut was the only thing that could do it. To get in, I needed a run and a good charge which he made. The Vindicator got ripped to pieces by the Klaw of Gork, exploding and taking out a SM in the process. The Naut then consolidated 5" back out towards the oncoming Bikes and speeders ready to block them.

The MANZ and Warboss managed to move forward onto the Relic and hold it in cover.

The Painboy Boyz moved forward, but failed to make a charge but effectively screened the WB and MANZ from threats to the front and left.

The second Mob started to move over to the right to try and help screen against the Speeder and Bike threat looming over there.

My Flash Gitz ripped the first squad of Marines cowering in the ruins on the left into ribbons and then consolidated through the ruins towards the centre of my opponents lines making the second squad guarding the Marine flank look nervously behind them after being glued to the carnage in the centre.

I brought my Gunwagon in on the left to shield my boyz, giving them some blocking to LOS and cover saves as well as getting ready to pick up the Warboss and his unit.

The DakkaJet came screaming in on the right and let out a hail of fire onto the Speeders resulting in 4 pens and 3 glances! Awesome sauce, surely that's the whole unit knackered! However, my friend is an old 6th Edition player and claims he didn't think he had to declare jink. I never played 6th, and so, very generously indeed I said, Ok mate, crack on with your jink saves, 4+.

Actually R2, I get +2 to that because I get shrouded. Fuxxor! 2+ save equalled only 1 glance! Am I a good mate or what?

The Dark Angels carried on with the dakka fest, pouring firepower into the Painboy Mob and MA Warboss. After the shrouded shenaigans, it was gratifying to "Lucky Stick" about 20 wounds into nothingness. The Boss was a brute, tanking so much Dakka my opponent nearly threw in the towel there and then. He even brought on his Nephilim fighter and fired every missile at the WB. It was very satisfying to ignore the lot.

Surprisingly, my opponent then proceeded to direct quite a lot of firepower at my DakkaJet. All the bikes and Speeders fired up, and even the Razorback brought his Assault Cannon to bear. I decided to not bother jinking and was surprised by the huge number of ones that were thrown to hit. Out of the whole lot, one glance got in.

Finally, he Deepstruck his Warlord and Assault Marines into my rear, threatening my Weirdboy unit. However, much to his disgust he completely forgot to shoot with them. Considering there were 2 flamers in that unit, it would have been a devastating attack on that unit. What a shame.

Anyhoo, apart from that, I got first Blood for the Vindicator and I have my grubby mits on the Relic, safely cradled in the hands of a near invulnerable CC Monster.

Turn 3

My DakkaJet, disgusted by the cheesy dark shroud gubbinz swept torwards the centre searching for easier pickings. The Nephilim fighter was square in his sights, and 9 twin-linked Str6 BS3 shots tore it from the skies. This thing is ace, it's first outing and its proving to terrify and lay down the pain on my opponent.

My Weirdboy also managed to get off both Da Krunch and EadBanger into the DA Warlord unit, taking out the 2 flamers with a Str9 stomp.

However, moment of the match for me was my Weirdboy Boyz mob. Ignoring the DA Warlord and Assault Marines, my lads moved over to the right and into range of the Speeders with their shootas. 27 boyz were in range of the Landspeeders meaning I got 54 shots. 29 hits lead to a spectacular 15 glances! Even better was the succession of jink failures which lead to the whole squadron being wiped out!

I had expected to have to charge that unit, in fact I had kind of counted on it so that I could get in the way of the bikes too, but I'll take this run of luck.

The FlashGitz shot up the remaining Marine squad on the left, charged in, and ripped them up. They consolidated onto the edge of the ruins, giving them a glorious field of fire over my opponents centre and providing some supporting fire to the shenanigans going on in the middle. It also meant I now had the whole left flank available for my Warboss.

I moved my Gunwagon into the ruins near the centre, and managed to embark my Warboss and MANZ meaning that I had a good chance of escaping out to the left.

Seeing that the right flank was effectively covered by my WeirdBoy Boyz mob, I decided to swing my Gorkanaut back around towards the Landraider. Charging in, I knocked all but one hull point off, that was disappointing.

The Painboy Mob also fell back to cover the Right side of the Gunwagon, and to threaten the DA Warlord and Assault Marines.

The Dark Angels were raging now, nothing was going right, and what looked like it should have been a walkover, was turning into a right cluster.

The Deathwing Knights deployed out of the Landraider and assaulted the Gunwagon. 1 went down to overwatch but their combined attacks managed to wreck the GW forcing my MANZ and WB to perform another emergency disembark.

On the right, the bikes, seeking vengence, opened up on the Weirdboy Mob with their twin linked rapid fire plasma guns, killing an absolute shovel load. The boyz took it like champs however, unfortunately they then got assaulted in the rear by the DA Warlord and his assault marines. They managed to Overwatch and take down a marine on the way in, but they lost the combat by one and failed their Leadership, but thanks to mob rule, they stayed in combat and only lost one more boy.

The Warlord had declared a challenge, but kunningly I turned it down with my Weirdboy meaning my Nob was still able to stay in and dish out the AP2 pain, which he did.

Turn 4

Unfortunately this was to be the last turn. We'd had to cut it short due to time running on, but that's just how it goes sometimes.

I had a sudden flash of inspiration. My Warboss, whilst a tank, was still looking vulnerable to the lurking Deathwatch Knights and Ravenwing Plasma bikers. I disembarked the Meks from my Gorkanaut, meaning there was enough room for my Warboss to embark, putting a Gorkanaut plus a warboss between my opponent and the Relic. Shooting for the orks this turn was disappointing, my dakkajet managing to score nothing against the knights, and the Gorkanaut not doing any better.

Assault was a little better, the Painboy Mob charged into the DA Warlord and his remaining marines. The combined weight of these 2 mobs managed to tear them down and kill the Captain, giving me slay the Warlord. I consolidated both units towards the left flank, hoping to provide some distraction and lend support to the Warboss.

The Dark Angels managed to get some serious dakka and damage in, the bikes swept in from the right and opened up on the rear of the Gorkanaut with their Plasma. They managed to score an impressive amount of glances, enough to wreck it, however, 6 gets hot rolls killed 3 bikers. Quite a price to pay.

My Warboss had yet another ignominious emergency disembark and ended up tanking a serious amount of firepower, yet again from the Landraider. The Knights, in a final ditch effort to grab the relic charged into him, losing another knight to overwatch. The remaining knights failed to land a hit against the Boss, as they chose to use Smite for x2 Str AP2 but only getting 3 attacks. After they failed to hit, they got torn to shreds in response. It was not pretty for them.

At this point, the game ended.

After Battle

So, victory for the Orks! 6-0

Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and First blood, plus holding the relic to the grim death for another 3 points.

Got to admit, there were some lucky rolls in this game. Significantly the Weirdboyz Shoota boyz managing to take out the Landspeeder squadron in one volley and the Dakkajet surviving a wall of plasma and lead virtually unscathed.

My opponent also forgot a couple of significant events. One, not deploying the Deathwing Knights in turn 2 to assault my Meganobz, although that didn't matter so much later, as it turned out they ended up being able to take out the Gunwagon anyway. I did give him the option of deploying them out and carrying out the assault, as his turn had not yet ended, but, to his credit, he said that the only way he would learn was to deal with his mistakes as they happen, and try and learn from them.

However, more tellingly would have been forgetting to flame the rear of my Weirdboy Boyz. That would have seriously damaged them, and may have led to them being wipe out. But, on reflection, I think that they would have gone down to the Painboy Mob anyway, so it's probably not that significant.
On the face of it, the Dark Angels looked strong, and the shrouded Landspeeder 2+ jink is a huge boon, but does drastically reduce the effectiveness of the unit.

My opponent also spent one round of shooting nearly half the firepower of his army against my dakkajet, which statistically was quite a waste. In that round, he also targeted a unit that can shrug off all but the most severe firepower. A MA warboss in a unit of MANZ with DLS can take almost anything. The only way to improve that, would be to add a Painboy for FnP, or a Big Mek with a KFF or MFF for an invulnerable save. As it happens, we didn't need it.

On reflection, whilst his army initially looked strong, with lots of tanks, many of the units didn't perform to their best, and my opponent fell into the "killing boyz" trap. By that I mean, he spent so much time throwing dakka at the big units of Boyz trying to whittle them down, it meant that the rest of my units spent most of their time avoiding be shot at.

I'm not convinced now that the Dark Angels list was actually that strong. I think a buffed Ravenwing bike force could be formidable, but the flyers and Speeders were disappointing for him.

The Orks were actually pretty solid on almost all fronts.

The 2 big shoota boyz mobz were able to dish out a lot of dakka when needed, and overwatch against them proved to undo the DA a couple of times. However, they were very expensive, but they did their jobs brilliantly soaking up firepower and proving to be beasts in combat even without the slugga choppa combo.

The Flash Gitz also performed well. However, they were only up against two small 5 man tactical squads, which any large mob of Nobz can handle. The lack of armour is brutal, but toughness, 2 wounds and good use of cover makes them very usable. Also Str5 ap- 40x attacks on the charge means that they can still make MEQ take them seriously, even terminators will have trouble dealing with that.

The Dakkajet was also very handy. Flyboss is an essential upgrade, and I would also recommend the extra supa-shoota. BS3 twin-linked shooting is a deadly novelty in ork armies, and I would consider taking this more frequently in future as a dedicated anti-air, anti-jet/bike solution. I could imagine that a squadron of these would really upset any Eldar Jetbike spam you might encounter.

The MA Warboss with Da Lucky Stikk is an absolute beast. He tanked so many wounds it's just not funny. Unless you have AP2, or an absolute wall of lead, you are wasting shots shooting at him. Combined with a MANZ unit, Painboy and a Big Mek with KFF/MFF you have a real death star. In combat he just shreds everything with virtual impunity. Next time, I'll bring 2. :laugh:


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Ouch what a painful game for the DA!

I think that you played very well, having the strong centre was a mission focussed way to play the Relic and it really worked in your favour.

Aside from unlucky rolls, the DA seemed to have fallen into the same trap that I put my Grey Knights in of going for specialist deathstars because you were bringing the MA squad and warboss. That DA list would have been stellar versus Chaos, but against your orks it didn't have the killing power to deal with that many bodies, nor the numbers to lock down the centre and make you not want to put your warboss into it.

End of the day, sounds like a good fun game and I guess you have some sweet gubbins to have banged onto your boss' armour by one of those Meks!
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