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wrecked rhino casualty

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my 6 man sternguard where in their rhino hugging a ruin with the right exit point cut off. leaving the rear and left exits. if my tank is assaulted by 5 space marine jump troops whose positions occupy those two exit points (rear and left), on a wrecked result, where my troop have to exit the tank, are they destroyed?

it is true that they couldn't exit the tank further than 1" away from his unit, even with a 2" disembarkment.

i was annoyed by the kill, though i don't doubt that it could be true.
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You could have opted to perform an Emergency Disembark, though. That allows you to deploy within 2 inches of the Rhino Hull - but you would automatically be pinned for your next turn.
Ummm, no. A unit that performs an emergency disembarkation may take no further action for the turn that they emergecny disembark. That's PLAYER turn, not game turn.

So for the OP, your sternguard would have performed an emergency disembarkation as laid out on page 7, and then they could act normally on your turn. Additionally, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from disembarking into the ruin (assuming your using the term as defined in the rulebook, page 77, ie a ruined building you can move around in.

Edit: Darn fat finger typos. Disembark rules page 67...................
soo what? i could have disembarked into the ruin? it was a ruined building/wall area terrain. what page in the rule book?
Rules for ruins start on page 82. Pay special attention to the moving within ruins section..............
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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