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wrecked rhino casualty

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my 6 man sternguard where in their rhino hugging a ruin with the right exit point cut off. leaving the rear and left exits. if my tank is assaulted by 5 space marine jump troops whose positions occupy those two exit points (rear and left), on a wrecked result, where my troop have to exit the tank, are they destroyed?

it is true that they couldn't exit the tank further than 1" away from his unit, even with a 2" disembarkment.

i was annoyed by the kill, though i don't doubt that it could be true.
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What they said, Emergency Disembarkation; you need to completely surround a vehicle with models / terrain in order to wipe the contained unit out; if any of them cannot disembark, they die.
As long as the models aren't on IMPASSABLE terrain, they're fine.
Technically they don't need to walk to their location, they just sort of appear there; so if there was 1" of impassable terrain, you could deploy 'over' it.
ironicly rhinos are not transports, they are apparently oversized homing beacons that dont kill the people they teleport :D

who knew o.o
You sir, win an internets.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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