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LA has never looked this crappy.

Please check out this is a kickstarter for the upcoming Shangri LA sourcebook, as well as 28mm metal miniatures, and watercraft (which will be cast in resin). The more early pledges we get, the more stretch goals we can come out with, and we have plenty more where this came from, if there's interest from the community.

Shangri LA is an upcoming Wreck Age source book which will give you a plethora of details and background on the fabled floating city that lays isolated on the Washed Coast of the Merikan continent.

The city state of Shangri LA is a coalition of many water-borne communities in Malibu Bay and the surrounding areas, from the lawless Sandy Echo, to the social and economic heart of Shangri LA: the Sphere. Shangri LAs borders span many countless kilometers, and is defended by a volunteer citizen militia. Outsiders are met with disdain and contempt, and all but the most resourceful and renown traders must do business at the far-flung trade posts of the Boneyards, laying deep in the Mojave desert, and connected to the city by a high speed rail line.

The Shangri LA sourcebook book is jam-packed with:

· A history of Greater Los Angeles, including details of the Malibu Quake and local events leading up to the Exodus.

· An Exploration of current-day Shangri La, a reclusive resurgence-era nation built on the flooded ruins of Greater Los Angeles. Told from the point of view of a mysterious agent, and a shady Caravaneer named Gallo.

· Extensive post-Exodus regional events and descriptions, including overviews of the various societies competing for resources along the southern Washed Coast. From the Arhk, to Stitchers, to the the Gente Del Mar, there are many factions vying for power in the area.

· An in-depth examination of Shangri La’s society, culture, economy, and military, as well as the subterfuge and intrigue that’s rife in the various floating communities that make up Shangri LA.

· Gorgeous artwork by industry veterans and up-comers.

· New information on ARHK’s incursions onto the Washed Coast, and their conflict with the Shangrilese militia.

· Details on the mysterious Stitcher cult which rules Shangri LA’s governing council from behind the scenes.

· An introduction to the Fung, an underworld organization who act as middlemen for the body and organ trade which sustains Shangri La’s economy.

· Descriptions and details of the major players in Shangri La and the surrounding areas.

· Floating cities: Shangri La’s great floating cities include: The Sphere, El Monterino and New Port, along with ideas for generating your own floating community.

· Learn about the Bone Yard, an ancient medical hub and Shangri La’s public face, which resides on the outskirts of the ancient I-15 in the arid wastes of the Mojave desert.

· A hobby section: giving you ideas for how to make your own floating terrain and boats.

…and much more!

Wreck Age provides you with seamless rules integration - allowing you to play a pen and paper RPG, a 28mm tabletop skirmish game, or a hybrid of both!

Shangri LA introduces this exciting new setting to the Wreck Age universe. This sourcebook comes complete with background that can be integrated into campaign play, as well as a variety of encounters, structures, and new equipment can help you jump right into the action in Mist City,

On top of artwork for the book we hope to raise funds for some exciting new miniatures that can be used in your games. Because Shangri La examines communities living on or near the Pacific, watercraft are an important means of transportation in the region and we would like to bring some post-apoc watercraft to life.

Snake Plisken, eat your heart out.


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