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Wraithlord Exarch: help with points cost?

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I was just wondering how people point out special characters. My buddies and I have been considering doing some sort of campaign, and a possible scenario and scenario reward occurred to me. The scenario is called "Wraith G(u)arden", and is located in what was once a 'factory' where bonesingers made the bodies for wraithguard, and the objectives are all clusters of fully constructed wraithguard bodies. Rather than take and hold objectives, non eldar players must destroy objectives (they'd have an armor value like vehicles or something,) whereas Eldar players have to get a psyker to objectives and then make some kind of roll to activate the wraithguard (who then join the Eldar army). Each objective, or activated unit of wraithguard, destroyed is one victory point, and each activated unit of wraithguard at the end is a victory point to Eldar players. Might have to be uneven points to be fair, but that's not really what I'm posting for advice on (though if you have any I'd like to hear it!).

The reward for victory I had in mind for Eldar Players was access to a special character: a Wraithlord Exarch (Dark Reaper) with a wraithsword, EML, BL, flamers, and the crack shot and fast shot powers (only one applicable to each weapon, each can only be used on one weapon a turn). The wraithlord exarch is an HQ choice, and if he is selected the eldar player can choose units of wraithguard as troops even if they are fewer than 10 models strong. My thought for cost was 165 for the base stats and weapons (while you technically can't have 2 weapons and a wraithsword, it doesn't strike me as too unbalancing), then a further 45 points for the exarch powers (150% of regular cost because they're kind of illegal) for 210 plus whatever the force allocation chart adjustment should cost. How much do you think that should be, and is this cost totally unreasonable?

For the record I don't play Eldar, I just thought that each faction should have a scenario where if they win they get a special reward for the duration of the campaign, kind of like DoW Dark Crusade.
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The wraithlord was primarily there because I found a cut rate wraithlord kit without instructions, don't play eldar so just assembled it to look cool...

As to the base statline:

WS 4 BS 4 S10 T8 W3 I4 A2 Ld10 sv3+ This is a base wraithlord. Wraithlords also suffer from "wraithsight" requiring a psyker nearby or risking not being able to act.

A DR exarch usually has a WS and BS of 5, 1 extra attack and 1 extra initiative.

165 covers the base wraithlord stat block, including the EML, the BL, the flamers mounted on the arms (standard is either flamers or shuriken catapults) and a wraithsword at standard cost.

The price difference between a DR and a DR exarch is 12, but the increase in effect of the stat increases is much larger on a monstrous creature (can fire multiple heavy weapons while moving, S10 melee). I think it is probably reasonable to lose the initiative increase (the wraithlord body has not been substantially altered) and the attack increase (most individuals who become wraithlords probably had 2 or more attacks to begin with), so we're left with possibly increasing the BS by 1, exarch powers, and the change to the FOC. Our wraith exarch will probably be shooting 3 shots per round (one weapon firing twice from one exarch power, the other firing once and ignoring cover) rather than once or twice.

The major differences between a DR exarch and a wraithlord exarch are that the wraithlord exarch is a lot harder to kill and can fire multiple weapons.

How about this:
165 for the base wraithlord profile, the EML and BL, and the wraithsword
+24 points for +1 BS and the ability to take exarch powers
+20 for crack shot (usu +10)
+40 for fast shot (usu+20)

249 points, randomly bump up to 275 to reflect the change to the force allocation chart. Still subject to wraithsight. This is well over the cost of any phoenix lord and has no invulnerable save.

Going for 50 points per exarch power would up the total cost by 40 to 315. I don't own enough codexes to compare to other special characters etc., but 315 seems high (that's 2 fire prisms with holofields).
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