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Can you believe it? This guy wants you to pay 1,000 USD for

- 3 x 10 Man Tactical Squads:
- 2 x Plasma Guns
- 1 x Melta Gun
- 2 x Missile Launchers
- 2 x Lascannons
- 10 Man Assault Squad w/ 2 x Plasma Pistols, Veteran Sergent w/ Power Fist
- 10 Man Assault Squad (no jump packs) w/ Flamer, Veteran Sergent w/ Power Fist
- Rhino w/ Extra Armour (forge world extra armor add on kit)
- 9 Man Scout Squad w/ Missile Launcher, 4 x Sniper Rifles, 4 x Bolters
- 8 Man Devastator Squad w/ 4 Heavy Bolters
- 2 x Dreadnoughts with removable weapons:
- 2 x Assault Cannons (right arm)
- 2 x Power Fists (storm bolter) (left arm)
- Twin Linked Lascannon (right arm)
- Missile Launcher (left arm)
- 2 x Land Speeder Tornadoes w/ Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer
- Whirl Wind/Heavy Bolter Razor Back. Has removable pieces to be used as either
- Captain w/ Power Sword, Bolt Pistol
- Terminator Captain w/ Power Sword, Storm Bolter
- Captain w/ Lightning Claws, Jump Pack (converted)
- Chaplain w/ Bolt Pistol (Limited Edition Games Day model)
- Carrying Case (designed specifically for this army)

if you want to buy it right then and now. Would you pay that much for it if you wanted it right then?

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Well at least its all painted to a high quality. Still I wouldn't pay more then 500 for the entire lot.

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1K is a little too much really for that little. I woul rather buy it new and have the fun of building it and painting it my colours
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