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I had an idea for the concept of my next 40k army, with a heavy focus on kitbashing: "Sirens in Space". they would count-as Sisters of Battle elites/HQ with Space Marine allies (a political 'gift'), but I wanted to ensure that this concept isn't contradictory to the fluff. I don't believe it is, but I'm close to it personally (as I wrote it) so I'd like to get opinions.

Sirens of Ageia
Ageia is a star system in the Imperium Nihilus near the fringes of the Great Rift. The system contains no stellar objects except immense fields of asteroids, endless numbers of self replicating haywire mines, and three monolithic stations, all built by beings long dead.

The inhabitants of these stations, called ‘Spire Gardens’ for their shape and lush natural resources within, are an abhuman called ‘Sirens’. They are called this as the women emit a psychic sound like singing when they speak, audible to astropaths and unconsciously to other humans, which enthralls the hearer, seemingly in a beckoning manner.

While the society of Sirens of Ageia is technically declared a property of the inquisition, They are given political freedoms that might be considered generous by more conservative agents.

Sirens work through genetic re-engineering of male spouses and a rigid caste systems to preserve a fading heritage believed to date back to more obscure saints of the emperor. This heritage provides certain genetic traits; A ‘psychic voice’ and impossible beauty primarily. These traits appear only in Females, so the Siren caste includes only woman and their harem of husbands. A husband is generally selected based on societal accomplishment and genetic viability, but then goes through a genetic re-engineering to be ‘prepared’ for the marriage; certain chromosomes and genes are expunged from the male, and other added to retain the purity of the Siren race. The result is of this union afterwards is always a Daughter who has 99.99% of the genetic ‘siren’ code as the previous generation.

Siren history has dated back three epochs across roughly 900 years.
Old epoch: 900 YA - 300 YA
The earliest records of Ageian History are tales of a lost imperial navy spacefleet. The Astropaths was lured to Ageia after having travels too close to the system, the the vessels were destroyed in the minefield. At this point automatic station drones would scavenged the remains to keep the spires running, but the wise Admiral Cicero of the fleet lead his soldiery to commandeer the drones and survive to get to the stations. Marooned in the system and unable to get messages heard by imperial sensors above the minefields static, what happened next is largely lost to reliable history, as the sirens recount history as oral tradition and music only. Siren lore, however, places this as the time the last of the emperors ‘Sirens’, a group of angelic women blessed as saints of the imperium, were found by these soldiers and the two groups merged into one society.
Imperialization: 300 YA - 100 YA
At this point an inquisitor named Le Philhippo discovered and successfully navigated the Minefields of Ageia. In a bold move, Philhippo sent missionaries to convert and indoctrinate the garden-spires rather then destroy them, seeing that someday they would prove useful. The Sirens of the spires took well to the steering of the missionaries, and slowly their religion morphed from old heathen ways into something altogether like the imperial cult. Finally, the process started by Philhippo, now known by his title “The Giving”, was finished only 100 years ago when the Sirens fully integrated into the cult as abhuman agents of the inquisition. (Siren genetics is a 99.999% match to humans, and the men of the spires are in fact human)
Space age: 100 YA - now
Sirens have slowly become trusted only by a handful of more radical parties of the local inquisition, and today are recognised as a loose member of the imperium, if known at all. Sirens have a relatively generous allotment of privileges, Which those critical of the Philhippian Order wonder if this was genuinely given by their trustworthiness, or their penchant for manipulation of the mind. Though their society is a fringe one, it survives nonetheless.

The Garden-spires

The garden spires consist of massive life-support and gravity systems, in the shape of impossible spires in space. At the base of these towers are discs of land (the gardens) that are full of lush natural resources. They act as both a wildlife preserve of alien life and homes for the Siren Caste and their harems, where-as the workers and soldiers of the spires live and work in the factories and generators in the tower itself.

There are two inhabited towers, and one spire that has been declared non-operational. The working garden spires, the Summer and Winter spires, have gardens that face the sun in a inhabitable fashion. The Midnight garden, which has been declared dead, and become locked in an orbit that faces directly away from the sun, and thus the garden died out and the people aboard presumably starved off after long centuries.

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If your fluff makes sense to you, then roll with it, that is the great thing with 40k, it's such a broad universe you can really do what you want. I think your psychic siren idea is a good way of bringing an ancient myth into a futuristic sci-fi/mythical setting
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