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Would Pre heresy Spire guard have Leman russ'

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I've stated a Pre heresy imperial army for my Thousand sons and it got me wondering, would Prospero Spire guard have Leman russ'. Or what tanks where around in those times.

All searches ive done for Pre heresy Imperial armies have resulted with pictures of differently coloured Vostroyans.

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along the lines of what dan said.

for the record: Russ was VERY popular with the citizens of the imperium, the space wolves were found often defending the lives of citizens, or what seemed to be that way to the citizens in any case, rather then listen to orders from inquisitors.

Saving lives of people tends to have gratitude and nameing of inventions after. you know. Dorn, and any of the other chapters would have fled given orders to rather then Defend evacuees.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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