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Worst Hit Army - 8th Ed.

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What army do you think was the worst hit in the recent Edition? Which has gotten worse the most?
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In my opinion, it's either Bretonnians or Wood Elves.

The nerf to cavalry in general really hurt the Brets, and made it very difficult for them to break large blocks of infantry. They're still a fairly good shooting army, but they now lack the punch they had in 7th.

Wood Elves also took a hit because of weakened cavalry, although they don't rely on it as much as the Brets do. Their skirmishers also took a hit though, and the Lore of Athel Loren isn't as good as the basic Lores now.

Of course, Tomb Kings also took a hit, but they didn't lose as much. They weren't that effective in 7th, and now they're worse in 8th. However, they didn't lose as much as the Brets and WE did.

If I had to pick one, that lost the most, I'd have to say it's the poor Brets. The glorious charge of their knights just isn't what it used to be.
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Hmm...we'll have to see how Chaos Daemons go. They certainly can't roll up the enemy army by panicking them off the board as easily (and not at all if they have a BSB), and they can't dominate the magic phase quite as easily (although extra casters never hurt), but overall I think their strategy will be about the same: avoid getting shot to death, and then dominate with your superior units.

They should still be an effective, albeit 'elite', army.
I still can't believe lances don't have ASF... When I read the lance entry I was literally stunned.
That is kind of stupid, now that you mention it. Striking first was more or less the entire point of using a lance in real life.

Picture this: a knight with a lance on horseback, charging into an elf holding a knife. The elf strikes first and hits, but fails to cut through the knight's armor. Afterward, the knight hits the elf with the tip of his lance, and the full strength of the charge behind him.

How the hell did that happen?! Unless that elf's knife is 10 feet long...

I'm getting a migraine trying to imagine it.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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