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Worst Hit Army - 8th Ed.

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What army do you think was the worst hit in the recent Edition? Which has gotten worse the most?
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Well WE cetainly have been hit hard and are now one of the weaker armies around... but I dont think they lost a huge amount from the new rules, they just got hit from middle-low to low, so I dont think they are the worst hit.

Brets didnt come off too bright either, but I have the sneaky feeling that clever Bret players will still muddle through: their cav is harder to use but I think it may still work, and lots of peasants, trebuchets and men at arms will help them out. Again, they took a hit but not the biggest hit.


So, the army I recon that got hit harder then any others- Daemon of Chaos
Daemons were the undisputed kings of 7th, but I really dont think they'll be anywhere near as good under 8th ed rules. PBs basically dont work anymore, blocks of horrors are pretty pointless (unless you go for a mega block to fill core and get you a Lv4 caster) and all the 'big hitters' wont have ranks to stop enemies being steadfast, so may be hard to beat/kill, but wont just knife through an army like they used to.
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You forget, those elves are sneaky... they stuck their (spare) knives on poles that they cunningly camoflaged as bushes just in front of their lines- the knives hit the horses, and any that survive manage to carry the knights in to strike the elves with their lances. Damn those cunning elves :p
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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