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Hey guys and girls; happy Friday!

I've got another concept preview for my upcoming sci-fi skirmish game, The Icarus Project.

Here is General Varakos, leader of the Nexus Separatist Movement.

Varakos was born on Nexus to average means. A bright child, Varakos excelled in education and regularly out performed his classmates. He was awarded a scholarship to the university of Apollo, the foremost center of learning in the galaxy. He studied Economics, with a minor in battlefield strategy.

It was rare for a Nexus to attend university at all, and rarer still to be awarded a scholarship. Despite being more intelligent that most of his peers, he was still regularly ridiculed, simply for being a Nexus.

Before long, Varakos had become deeply resentful of his peers. He reached out to other Nexus at his university campus; thinking there was safety in numbers. This group largely stuck to themselves and avoided all others. They called themselves the Nexus Separatist Movement.
The Nexus Separatist Movement

Within a few months, the Nexus Separatist Movement had grown in popularity and Nexus from all across Apollo were gathering together, developing their own communities. These meetings began innocent enough, with the members talking and drinking, but soon the meetings became more and more xenophobic.

The Separatist Movement discussed why it was that they should be ridiculed by the other races at Apollo. Their ancestors would not have stood for this; they recognized the power and dominance of the Nexus.

Before the end of his first year, Varakos found himself the leader of a thousands strong movement. Recognizing the opportunity before him, he encouraged the members to go out into the galaxy and gather more to their cause.

When he left Apollo, Varakos quickly found a place within the Nexus military, and rose through the ranks; all the while gathering more supporters in secret for his movement.
If you want to learn more about Varakos, you can check out our latest blog post HERE.

You can also download a copy of our Alpha rules here.

I'd love to hear what you think :grin:
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