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World Eaters on the Turn

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Hello .

I am making a World Eaters Army that has started turning to khorne.

The idea is that senior ranks and bezerkers are the first to begin the change and that the rest of the W.E follow suit more slowly because of course they are busy fighting all over the place.

Most H.Q and Bezerkers (plus the vainglorious rapter squads) will be more advanced in their khorney-ness. They will have khorne symbols and red and bronze/gold with skull faces in some cases.

The remainder will feature more traditional space marine back packs, faces and the full original W.E colours on their armour. Some of these squads will be led by khorne champions.

I need to obtain more chain axes and chain swords plus transfers.

The squad above is not completed yet ...you will spot missing backpacks and painting/flash errors i need to get a grip of , and yet i am very happy with the look and feel of this force already :)

The next models i will have a go at will be the chaos/tactical marines with no gold or red....

I have seen an amazing army online somewhere in white and blue similer to mine but better painted and smothered in gore. I plan to keep my force clean as if they are in transit between wars. I am certain that W.E as well as standing for relentless bloodshedders would also be dedicated fighters who would clean and repair their armour so that nothing fails , slows them down or desrupts their hand to hand killing.

In the photo there is a khorne lord , a skull taker and some bezerkers. It was an easy choice sticking a ultramarine head on the spike. :good:
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Its a good striking colour scheme.
I will be interested to see how the army comes together.

Could you give us some close up shots of individual Minis at all?
You can expand that image twice, click it once and then click the lower left corner...if you knew this, sorry to teach you how to suck eggs...

Give us a couple of days and i will try and get them smarter and then post some closer images :scare: i am not a great painter but even i am not happy with current standard enough to post zoom-up hehe

here are some of my guides.

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You can see the skull champion . Tonight i hope to improve it .
He reminds me of that Zurg thing from toy story two.

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lookin pretty good man, nice use of the Khorne Lord from the WFB line! just for future reference, there are glaring mould lines on the legs of the figure which really detract from the work you've done. Careful attention to them would add a little more to the figure. Looks like a few washes and you're all set!
I guess i need some sort of file.

Does wet and dry paper (200 grade) work on this plastic?

I will de mould/flash the next lot.

G.W should have flash-monkeys to do all that work for us.

Yes :) I used its head! I have the juggernaught and i plan to mount an old biker chaplain pair of legs onto it, then add a chaos torso.

That means i will have a spare fantasy khorne lord (with the other head option) and a box of tau/kroot and crisis suits (all in a black under coat ...thin coat) to sell soon. Where may i advertise those?
nice pics dude cant wait to see more!!
Two things: flash removal is required and you need to pick out the trim on the gauntlets. Nice work to start though, keep it up.
They look pretty good. I have heard the World Eaters dyed their armour with blood but your transitional army will likely be very interesting too.
"need to pick out the trim on the gauntlets."

i am unsure so far which way to go with those.

i can either give gold trim like the legs have got or make the entire hand gold , the same as the bezerkers in the uppermost guide image.

Im leaning towards gold trim on white hands.
The emery paper would work but a light scrape with a Knife is more accurate.

I would go for the trim rather than the whole hand in gold myself.
Thanks :) Tommorow i will pop into to town and try to buy a scalpel.

I shant paint any more legs until ive got a good tool to deflash.

I added a bone coloured wash to the hilt and cross guard on the power sword that emperor Zurg is brandishing, added the same wash to the spikes above the skulls on his back pack.

For the rest of this week , i shall undercoat shoulder pads and torsos.

Perhaps give the gold trim on those guys hands a go.


I think the painting of the armour using blood is myth and legend. I guess there would have been some form of quatermaster-zerk in charge of refit and refurb " whats that son? You wish to have fancy gold trim against a snow , white plate? Your aving Red , boy. get used to it!" and it would have taken a few years at least. Maybe khorne changed the colour once the world eaters were all fully dammed (all psykers and chaplains ...loyal W.E hunted down and killed) .
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I hope i am this keen by model number 60 too. Please post your opinions, it will sustain me :victory:

There wont be much in the way of large models....this army will be troop heavy .

I have decided that Rapters,Old style Grey knight terminators (with added chain weapons) , little bloodletters and one steed of khorne will be all the fancy stuff i require.

No greater deamons. no deamon princes , no obliterators ( shame because their stats are amazing) .

I hope that perhaps i can make some world eaters standards to mix in with the khorne icons.

In will be :

2 bezerker squads (40 marines) , 1 chaos tactical squad (20 marines) , 1 havoc squad (10 , 2 , marines armed with melta guns , 2 with Plasma rifles).
1 chosen squad (5-10 marines) with melta guns and combi melta.

Khorne lord on foot with deamon axe.

Currupted chaplain on a steed of khorne (i hope)

Terminators and Rapters.

Bloodletters x 20

All squads to have icons of khorne, Aspiring champions or Skull Champions
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Found a good knife in the house.

I have started to deflash the legs.

Once ive painted a pair of legs up on the deflashed plastics, i shall transfer the skull champions head and torso to the better legs . Thank you very much for the honest feedback ! I would have missed that issue without your eyes.

I have also Painted some shoulder pauldrons (guards) , for the tactical squad. They are blue with silver trim. I have painted some crap pauldrons in the past. my space wolves looked rubbish. I have made a better job of these world eater examples. I will post them up tommorow :)

I have not thought to add any transfers as of yet , i tend to do that at the end .
wouldn't mind seeing some morw of these guys, nice work thus far:victory:
sorry I didn't get back to you sooner! Good to see you got a knife. Can't wait to see your progress!

Almost finished this guy. Still , there are messy bits arghhh

Will Have to re-do that area under the back pack :(

This Marine has the most Red and gold on him. The remainder will be more blue, white and silver.

Im painting some havoks up now . Afterwards i will come back to the bezerkers and their skull champion.
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Hey man, it's looking good. I think for next time a start of a darker "gold" will create a nice shadow for you! I usually start with brazen brass and use dwarf bronze, then highlight with gold. The pics aren't the greatest to see all of the effort you've put into him but he's lookin good so far!
i will get the paints and give it a go , thanks :)
I have allways been at a loss when it comes to painting gold.... and yellows also.

here is the last image of him prior to finishing.

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if i do remeber the reson there armour be came red was becouse of all the blood ang gore so i take it this is befor the fight for terra
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