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World Eaters 2000 points

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HQ: 405

1 Kharn the Betrayer 165
1 Daemon Prince 140
w/ Wings, MoK
1 Greater Daemon 100

Elites: 400

5 Chaos Terminators 200
w/ Icon of Khorne, 2 Lightning Claws
5 Chaos Terminators 200
w/ Icon of Khorne, 1 Power Fist

Troops: 958

10 Chaos Space Marines 275
w/ Aspiring Champion, Icon of Khorne, 2 Meltaguns, Powerfist and Rhino
8 Khorne Bezerkers 243
w/ Skull Champion, Powerfist, Rhino
8 Khorne Bezerkers 243
w/ Skull Champion, Powerfist, Rhino
15 Summoned Lesser Daemons 195

Heavy Support: 225

3 Obliterators 225


Okay, here's the tactica. The force will be divided into 3 Groups. Group One has the two Bezerker Squads, Kharn and the CSM's. Group Two has the Greater Daemon and the 15 Lesser Daemons. Group Three has everything else.

Now, Group One will be the only Group to start in play, making use of cover to advance towards the enemy. Once they have made as far across the table as possible, the Greater Daemon and the Lesser Daemons will deploy around the IoKs thus avoiding any deep striking incidents. Finally, whilst the enemy is busy trying to eliminate Groups One and Two, Group Three will arrive nearest the Enemies' biggest cluster of Heavy Support Units and take them out, joining in to mop up the rest of the enemy.


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I like everything EXCEPT;

I hate lesser daemons and I don't think you have enough HS.

Think you'd benefit more from droppinga Termie Squad and the Daemons and adding in More Oblits with a Squad of Melta-chosen;

That gives you a suicide anti-tank, which you can summon your GD in with; and 6 Lascannons opposed to 3.
I do like this list, But be careful of Fluff-Nazi's, Who will pick on you for the Oblits... Otherwise; Great List- Would love to add it to my Khorne Compendium...
Then again; there's no point, cause no-one reads that thing anyway, Lmao :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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