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New Rules:

Fragments of the 12th: Every model in a World Eaters army must have the Mark of Khorne. In addition, all non-vehicle models can purchase the Butcher's Nails piece of wargear. Khorne Berserkers MUST purchase Butcher's Nails.

Slaanesh Rivalry: A World Eaters army may never have Daemons of Slaanesh or models with the Mark of Slaanesh as allies in detachments.

Bane of Psykers: No Sorcerers are allowed n a World eaters list. Any allies detachment containing a psyker is downgraded to Desperate Allies, if that was not already the case.

The Butcher's Nails (2 points per model, 15 points for Independent Characters and Hellbrutes): These neural implants are based on the archeotech version hammered into the primarch's skull as a child. They encourage aggression and fury, boosting adrenaline and speed in combat, and react violently against most psychic intrusions. They add +1 attack to the model's base profile, as well as the Adamantium Will rule. However, every time a model or unit with the Nails leaves combat, it must always consolidate in the direction of the closest enemy unit.

Warlord Traits

1- Hatred Incarnate: the Warlord and his Unit gain the Hatred special rule.
2-Aggressive Maneuvering: D3 units in the army gain the Scout special rule.
3-Unending Fury: The Warlord and all non-vehicle units within 12 inches gain the Feel no Pain (6+) rule as long as they are in close combat.
4-No Escape: The Warlord and his unit roll 3+1d6 for Run moves and 7+1d6 for charge ranges.
5- Scourge of Metal Boxes: All special and Heavy weapons within 12 inches of the Warlord can re-roll penetration rolls against any kind of transport.
6-Lord Duellist: The Warlord gains +d3 WS and Attacks during challenges.

Roster Changes:

-Chaos Land Raider: A Land Raider in a WE army can replace both lascannons with twin-linked Heavy Flamers and its twin-linked Heavy Bolter with a multi-melta for 5 points. Once upgraded in this fashion, it can have its transport capacity increased to 12 for 10 points. One unit of Khorne Berserkers per main detachment can take a Land Raider as a dedicated transport.

-Chaos Rhino: Can purchase the World Eater Transport upgrade for 15 points. This upgrade turns the vehicles into an Assault Vehicle, but also causes it to fail Dangerous Terrain tests on a 1-2 instead of a 1.

World Eater artifacts:

-Devourer Plate (50 pts): These are the rare surviving Terminator suits of armour originally worn by Angron's personal guard. They grant a 2+ armor save and a 5+ invulnerable save, and also confer the Rampage special rule. In addition, the wearer can make Sweeping Advances normally. It includes a combi-bolter and a power weapon.

-Collar of Khorne (20 pts): This spiked collar grants the wearer and his unit a 3+ Deny the Witch roll. In addition, any wounds caused by Force weapons are also saved on a 3+.

-The Banner of the 8th (75 pts): The ragged, bloodstained Battle standard of the 8th company serves as a reminder of the Legion's nascent worship of Khorne back in the days of the Heresy. All units within 12 inches of the bearer gain the Rend rule to their melee attacks. In addition, once per game, The Banner can be used to cancel all Overwatch attacks during that player's turn.

-Destroyer Bandolier (25 pts): Filled with murderous explosives no longer in wider use across the Imperium, these bandoliers are favored by bloodthrosty Lords. They grant assault, Defensive and Rad grenades to the user.

-The BloodTide Skull (35 pts): Rumored to be the skull of a Grey Knight Captain slain in the First War for Armaggedon, this relic can summon Khorne's wrath upon the battlefield. Once per game, during the enemy's turn, the Skull can be used to summon a rain of blood upon the battlefield. This has the same effect as Night Fighting for shooting, but it is not negated by regular Night Vision. In addition, any units within 24 inches of the bearer are considered to be in Difficult terrain. Once it is used, the owners must immediately make a Toughness test of suffer an unsaveable wound as the Blood God demands his share for the storm.

-Bloodspitter's Bite (25 pts): This sturdy, plain-seeming combi-bolter unleashes raging firepower in combat and sometimes channel the endless rage of Khorne's realm into the materium.
Range: 18 Strength: 4 AP: 4 Assault 3, Twin-linked, Flaming Bite*
*Once per game, the combi-bolter can be fired as a Heavy Flamer.

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Awesome! I like your rules very much. As a new player who is trying to make a Khorne themed army work, some of these rules would be very handy. :crazy:

Regarding the Devourer Plate, is it essentially a suit of terminator armor that allows sweeping advances? I.e. still bulky, deep strike-able?

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I like it.

I seem to remember some rule Blood Angels had in 3rd edition that meant their units all had to roll for some kind of rage every turn, and if failed they'd charge forwards. I have no idea if BA still have that rule but it would make sense for WE. Kind of a deterrent for any shooty units because you risk them moving when you want them to shoot. I wonder if that sort of thing will feature in a future WE supplement

Anyway, I love WE. I didn't used to but the HH fluff made me understand them far better and did a great job of humanising them while at the same time not taking anything away from their fury. That bit between Tagor (I think that was his name) and the custodian in The Outcast Dead was kind of a tipping point where I started considering WE as my IG allies for my next project, and I've been set on that idea for a while now.
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