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Work In Progress Army Backstory

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Here is the background of my Imperial Guard Army so far. Later on I will add character profiles for my Commanders, ans Special Characters, as well as some short stories based on incredible batlles.

Hope you like it.

Amoeba Bait

The Siege of Remanos City
The Imperial planet Vyshka VII. Situated in the galactic South East on the very edge of civilised space, it stands as a bastion against the relentless enemies of the Imperium of Man. For countless years it has operated as a base for the fleets of the Imperium, re-arming and re-fitting the immense star-ships of the Navy in order to defend the local cluster. Due to its role as a port world, Vyshka VII maintains a strong link with the Adaptus Mechanicus of Mars. Beneath its polluted atmosphere, Vyshka VII’s numerous Manufactorums produce some of the finest weaponry in the galaxy. This single planet is the lynchpin in the defence of the entire sector, making it a prime target for the God-Emperors many foes.

Due to Vyshka VII’s proximity to numerous Warp Space Lanes, the taint of Chaos was always present. Blasphemous cults had constantly plagued the underground of the planets colossal cities, prompting intervention from the Ecclesiarchy. Taking governance over Vyshka VII –much to the disinclination of both the former Governor and the Adaptus Mechanicus-, newly coroneted Confessor Raskide ruled with righteous fury; however the corrupting influence of Chaos was ever present. Some argue that Raskide was daemonicly possessed, where others believe he was tainted through exposure to underground Traitorous propaganda, it is undisputed that the Confessor and ruler of Vyshka VII was a puppet of the Dark Gods. Due to his immense political power Raskide was able to manipulate and contort the populaces’ allegiance. Soon, Vyshka VII was considered by the High Lords of Terra as a traitorous world.
Not all of Vyshka VII’s inhabitants were blasphemers and heretics though. A small number of cities stayed loyal to the God Emperor of Mankind, with Remanos City designated ‘The Loyalist Capital of Vyshka VII’. Imperial Eagles and depictions of the Emperor adorned every house in the vast city, and massive propaganda posters were painted onto street walls to instil hope unto the defenders of the last haven of sanity.
Remanos City
During the first few days of the war, underground cults initiated rituals and used foul wychcraft to summon warp beasts into the physical realm. Many of these daemons consumed the cultists whom summoned them. The majority however worked alongside the blasphemers and stalked the lower levels of the City, murdering the lowlifes who dwelled below. The local law enforcement was used to receiving word of gang violence and was slow to respond to this dangerous threat, as it was assumed that the gangers were conducting one of their common land feuds. When more wealthy members of society mysteriously disappeared, the Enforcers took action, sending routine patrols into the stinking run down slums of the Under-city. It was only then that the true nature

Traitorous ships in high anchor cleared away loyalist forces whilst the ships of the Chaos Space Marines made planetfall in order to release their deadly cargo. The corrupt Marines quickly set about destroying any remaining cities still loyal to the Emperor, whilst Chaos sorcerers used their foul magyks to summon an immense warp storm to shroud the system. However before the blasphemous rituals could be completed, the nearby Cadian 224th and elements of the Space Marines Storm Slayers Chapter were able to deploy upon Vyshka VII.
One by one the loyalist cities fell, with thousands of men dying in their defence. Entire populaces converted to worship the Chaos Gods rather than feeling their wrath. After many months of intense fighting, what was left of the Cadian 224th rallied with their Astartes allies in one of the only loyal cities left on the planet: Remanos City. The forces of Chaos sent wave after wave of troops against the city’s white walls, but they were repelled time after time. However, with the Warp Storm providing daemonic reinforcements for the traitors and making relief immensely difficult for the loyalists, it was only a matter of time before Remanos City fell.
As men were becoming in short supply in the Cadian 224th, new strategies were adopted. No longer did foolhardy Commissars and Priests rush their men into certain death; rather stealth and superior city fighting tactics were taught. The Imperial Guards vast tank columns were also diminishing, with only a precious few vehicles in an operational state guarded almost lovingly by the attached Tech-Priests. The adaptive Guardsmen however used local reptilian creatures as mounts and formed Rough Rider Squads, akin to those used by the Attilans.
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