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This is my first attempt at a complete 40k army, so I need a little help figuring out what works best. I love the way World Eaters look, but I wanted more diversity so I settled on a similar Word Bearers theme. None of my models are painted yet, so a Word Bearers theme is not set in stone. My plan was to use what I have, buy the Chaos Battleforce, and make a few additions (such as the Defiler). I own the codex, so I can figure out points cost, but I'm not sure what works best. FYI, my brother uses SM, and since I do not have access to gaming clubs or anything, I will be playing him almost exclusivly.

Basic Outline

Terminator Lord - Daemon Weapon(Is it worth it, or should I stick with a power weapon?)
Sorcerer(/Dark Apostle) - (What powers work best?)
5 Terminators
5 Possesed CSM
10 Chosen CSM - (Use "It's raining bullets and plasma") w/ Mark of Nurgle

5 CSM - (No particular plan for these models)
10 Khorne Berzerkers
10 khorne Berzerkers
Heavy Support
Chaos Defiler

Although I have a sorcerer, units with the mark of nurgle, and khorne berzerkers, they're the units I want so I'm not to fussed about not quite following the allegances to the Chaos dieties. Besides, even the forces of Chaos will unite to bring destruction and ruin to the false emperor.
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