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Hey mate, just looking at your list, I'll make what changes I think while keeping it mind its a Word Bearers theme (ie - not scrapping the dark apostle!)

I've written up a 2,000 list sort of centred around a word bearers theme and would like some feedback on how you think it'd do in game (I haven't played much 7th edition using CSM).
Primary detachment, Crimson Slaughter:
Sorcerers, mastery 3, spell familiar (probably roll on malefic)
Give this guy a Prophet of the voices so he's classed a Daemon and doesn't suffer perils on ANY double using Malefic
Dark apostle, daemon heart
ehhhhhh, I think a daemon heart is wasted here....
30 cultists, autoguns
10 chaos marines, close combat weapons and boltguns, 2 flamers
Rhino, dirge caster
10 chaos marines, close combat weapons and boltguns, 2 melta guns
Rhino, dirge caster
cool, I like these guys, Cultists may get mulched though, consider a Aegis Defense Line and reduce the number to 15 or something and have the Apostle on the quad gun!

5 chosen, 4 plasma guns, draznicht's ravagers
Rhino, dirge caster
Chosen are cool, but theres 5 chosen here, easy pickings seeing as they die just as easy as regular marines and take 10x the punishment because they are Chosen! Personally I'd either scrap these guys and add Terminators or scrap the Terminators and add more Chosen
3 terminators, 3 combi-meltas (deepstriking)
See above - or if this is Termicide unit, use Raptors instead, a bit cheaper and do the job better. I deepstrike my 5 raptors in behind a tank, blast it and use the corpse as cover then jump over it the next turn and CC a weak squad and make my way from there)
Heavy support
3 obliterators, mark of nurgle (single units)
Cool, Oblits rock! I always use them but in 2-3 squads of 2.
Aegis defence line, comms relay
Quad gun is better than a relay imo, plus you need AA

Chaos daemons allied detachment:
Lord of change, 2 greater rewards
15 pink horrors
Heavy support
Soul grinder, mark of tzeentch
Cool, horrors work well behind a defense line too, or even take 2 defense lines with 2 quad guns, more AA the better!
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