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Chaos Lord- 135
Terminator Armour
Power Fist
Mark of Nurgle
Veteran of the Long War

Plague Marines(7 of them) x2-398
2 Meltas
2 Gifts of Mutation
Both Champions have Veteran of the Long War

Berserkers(10 of them)-225
Power Fist on Champ
Rhino for Berzerkers (35)

Terminators (4)-243
4 Powerfists
4 Combi-Meltas
Mark of Nurgle
Icon of Vengence (Fearless)




Bloodletters (10)-185
Chaos Icon

Total: 1,836

The total is 1,836, unless I did my math wrong. The goal for this army is to be 2,500 points. Anything that this army is lacking, tactically? I think I need 2 more rhinos, but beyond that I don't know what to add. Any advice on what to get, or on what I already have is appreciated, in either Chaos Space Marines or the Daemon side of the army.

P.S- I don't have a Dark Apostle for a reason, he's dead. My Coryphaeus (Chaos Lord) leads the host, his armour and some of the others is painted partially black in mourning.

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A second heldrake, they work best in pairs

If I was to critique the list I would suggest dropping all the gifts, they are simply not worth paying the points for

I would also consider changing the berserks to bikers. Berserks can't assault from their rhino and honestly I don't think they cut the mustard unless in a land raider or taken in a large unit with Huron

The other thing to consider is more troop choices more bodies helps to claim objectives and both CSMs and Cultists are in theme for a word bearer host

I have far less experience with deamons but would be tempted to swap the bloodletters for plaguebearers. Not only would it fit your Nurgle theme more but If you get the bloodletters deep striking T1 unless you have a lot terrain you have an issue of where to deploy them. They hit very hard, but are not that durable, so will die easily to shots, a unit of PBs are more durable can hold more allowing rest of force to catch up
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