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Today we’re proudly presenting you one of the most unusual projects upon which we had the pleasure to work – the Wood Elves army painted for a collector from Sweden. What makes it unique is the theme of the army – the Japanese cherry blossom!

Check out the freehand cherry blossom patterns on their cloaks, the cherry-flower inspired banners and custom bases, reflecting the time of early spring, when the snow is melting down and vegetation begin to sprout out. The little shrine and the cherry trees forests were also a part of the commission.

We’ve really enjoyed painting this commission. It gave us the opportunity to go wild with the subtle feehands. It was very unusual and original project and the overall scheme is really nice and surprisingly fitting the models.

The first photo is the high resolution one, feel free to click on it and see the full army in detail!

How do you like this non-classical approach to the Wood Elves?

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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