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Wood Elves 2500pt Tournament

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Hey all this is the list I'm considering for a 2500pts staff tournament.
Please tell me what you think!


Spellweaver - (335pts)
- level 4 wizard
- wych wand of elm
- terrifying mask of eeeee…


Branchwraith - (115pts)
- cluster of radiants
- annoynace of netlings
(join dryads)

Noble - (127pts) GENERAL
- light armour
- enchanted shield
- sword of might
- potion of strength
(join eternal guard)

Noble - (125pts)
- ironcurse icon
- gambler’s armour
- seed of rebirth
(join eternal guard)

Noble - (128pts)
- elven steed
- shield
- light armour
- spear
- dragon bane gem
- hail of doom arrow
(join glade riders)


9 Glade Riders - (243pts)
- musician
- standard bearer

10 Glade Guard - (126pts)
- musician

10 Glade Guard - (126pts)
- musician

10 Glade Guard - (126pts)
- musician

17 Dryads - (204pts)


40 Eternal Guard - (560pts)
- full command
- faoghir the banner of dwindling


Treeman - 285pts

Total: 2500pts

Lords: 13.4%

Heroes: 19.8%

Core: 33%

Special: 22.4%

Rare: 11.4%
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I have found that with squishy armies like wood elves, their characters aren't worth their high cost. I'm not a huge wood elf army buff, but from looking at your list a few things stand out to me:

I would go for:
1 General
One combo of:
* Level 4 Mage
* Three level 2's
* Five level 1's

You need to up the model count, WE are notoriously squishy, possibly the squishiest in the game, so I would drop some of the lord/hero and add a lot more of the nice units, especially in the special section of your army.

I'll check the WE armybook later and give you some more targeted feedback, i'll check back later.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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