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So, I'm looking into a Wolf list and hoping to get some input on the following for use in casual play with friends.

Wolf Lord, Rune Armour, Frost Blade, 2 Fenrisian Wolves
Rune Priest
10 Grey Hunters, PF, MG, 7 Chainswords, PP, Standard, WGPL w/PW&MB, Drop Pod
10 Grey Hunters, PF, MG, 7 Chainswords, PP, WGPL w/PW&MB, Drop Pod
5 Wolf Guard, 3 Wolf Claws, 2 PF, PW, Drop Pod
Iron Priest, 3 Servitors w/Servo Arm or whatever its called
Fenrisian Wolves x6 w/ Cyber Wolf

The idea is to send the Rune Priest in first with the Fenrisian Wolves to act as a buffer while the Grey Hunters crash down turn one. Turn two will hopefully see the Wolf Lord and his Guard hit the table while hopefully on turns two or three the Stormfang comes in with the Iron Priest and Servitors to maintenance it whenever necessary.
As always, C&C is welcome!

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An interesting list.
However, if I remember correctly from the big rule book, only infantry can embark on transports, I'm not sure the Wolf lords wolves would be allowed in the drop pod.

Also, if the rune priest is running with the wolves, I'd be tempted to get him a bike so they aren't slowed down.

I like the idea of the Iron priest keeping the flyer safe, but I'm always drawn more to the stormwolf than the fang. The twin-linked helfrost cannon and the lascannons as standard seem a better deal than the single large blast and stormstrike missiles. Sure the fang has the lancing focussed shot, but you have the grey hunters set with melta if you need to deal with high armour.
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