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Wolf Army

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Hi All

Am in the process of creating a wolf Army that will be 2000 points in total,but am doing it in 750 point blocks,the first pictures I have are of the Grey Hunter that will be the backbone of my force,whatever the point cost,unfortunately I have 3 more to go before the first squad is complete and would like peoples opinions of them please. Obviously I will add as and when I can but don't always get loads of time to paint(poor excuse I know).:)
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Any tip you have on doing highlights would be appreciated,its the thing I find hardests to do on power armour.

There is highlights on things like the wolf pelts,weapons,and banners, but only really any good at dry brush highlighting which is why I am ok at things with texture to it. I am gonna do my marines like this so I can field a painted army and then look for a tutorial on highlighting power armour and add battle damage from there.

Hi mate

Yeah I know what you mean about the guy with the bolt pistol,I tried a little experimental highlighting on just him to see how hard it was to do and see how it looked,please feel free to explain some more,im having a little difficulty finding a link to highlighting power armour anyway.
Just added my Logan model to the list,please be patiant,the photo dident come out to well am gonna take it again and re-post it,but it will do for now.
Wolves continued.....

Ok, so now I have just completed the last 3 models to my first squad of 10 GH, and have also completed their transport Rhino, the Rhino is basically complete, I am going to add a few pieces here and there from left overs of my wolf battle pack, skulls, a storm shield etc watch this space for that.
I have also made the rhino look very muddy and battle damaged, hope it has come out ok(your opinions on that please) something I found very enjoyable and alot easier than trying to do it on power armour.
cheers mate much appreciated, watch my logs to see the results
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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